Case Studies

Govik Industries - Amazon S3

Network Techlab enables easy data backup using AWS S3 and Atmosvault, Automates Data Backup for Incremental Data.

ShiftRisk - Amazon SES

ShiftRisk shifts AWS SES service – Automates email and achieves effective email delivery.

Globe Mobility - Cloud Migration

Network Techlab enabled cloud data migration for Globe Mobility using AtmosVault and Amazon S3 Cloud services.

OTT Platform - Cloud Migration and CDN

Network Techlab enables One of the OTT Platforms to achieve smooth video playback and enrich the user experience.

Orbit Computers - Tally on Cloud

Orbit computers adopted Tally on Cloud. Easy, Reliable and Secured Business App Access.

Evio Engineering - Cloud File Access

Evio engineering collaborates faster with easy file access from anywhere.

Telentco - Website Hosting on AWS

Network Techlab deployed website cloud hosting project.

Firetech - Amazon S3 Backup

Network Techlab enables easy cloud backup using Amazon S3 and Atmosvault.

Lijjat Papad - AWS Cloud Solutions

Lijjat Papad blooms its success story in the cloud, driving digital growth faster.

Veer Gems - Amazon S3 Backup and File Access

Veer Gems adopts Amazon Cloud for data backup and enables easy file access management for their users.

EasyServe- AtmosVault and AWS S3 Backup

Easy serve Adops Cloud, Brings Operational Flexibility with Atmosvault

SAR Transport - AWS SES Service

SAR Transports brings operation flexibility through optimizing transactional and promotional emails.

Bank Step up on their growth story by Migrating to Nutanix Cloud Platform.

Eassyserve automate their backup with AtmosVault, enabled Data Protection through Cloud Backup.

Teasytees Clothing - AWS Cloud Hosting Services

Teasytees migrated to cloud, launched their E-Store to Scale-up business operations

Leading fianacial research advisory company - VM Firewall

Leading financial research advisories secured their Cloud Infra with VM Firewall

Leading health nutrition company - AWS Cloud Hosting Services

Leading health nutrition company built their e-commerce store using AWS and WordPress

Leading Online Seller - Tally on Cloud using AWS

Leading online sellers provided secured remote access to their employees

Leading Producers in Lab Testing Equipment - Amazon SES Service

Leading Lab Testing Equipment Manufacturing Company Automates Emails & Enhance the User Experience

Leading Producers in Small Machinery - Cloud Migration

Leading Producers in Small Machineries and Tools Making Company Migrated thier Infra on Cloud. Savings on the Cost and Increased on Uptime.

Leading Steel Manufacturing Company - Tally on Cloud

Network Techlab deployed Amazon Tally On Cloud  Solution using AWS Cloud Service at the Leading Steel Manufacturing Company

Website Making and Digital Marketing Company - Amazon WHM

Network Techlab deployed Amazon WHM Solution using AWS Cloud Service

A Leading Logistic Company - Amazon Workspace

Network Techlab successfully deployed Amazon Workspace Services at One of the leading logistics companies.

Mediascope - Amazon SES Service Deployment

Network Techlab successfully deployed Amazon SES Service for Mediascope Marketing Agency

Insurance Broker Industry - EC2 with SQL server & Web Application

NTIPL Assisted A Leading Co –operative Insurance Broker Company With Elastic & Secured AWS Cloud Solution

Veritas Legal - Securing VDI Remote Workforce

Vertias Adopted VDI Technology and given secured access to their employees

Insurance Broker Industry - EC2 with SQL server & Web Application

NTIPL Assisted A Leading Co –operative Insurance Broker Company With Elastic & Secured AWS Cloud Solution

Nikhil Lapasia Company - Tally Workload Migration on Cloud

Network Techlab successfully completed Tally Workload Migration for Nikhil Lapasia Company.

Rikhav Securities Ltd - EC2(SQL Server) & Web Application

NTIPL Assisted Rikhav Securities Ltd With EC2(SQL Server) & Web Application on AWS Cloud Solution

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