Data Center Audit Services

Comprehensive Data Center Audits, Assessments and Certifications for Application, Platform, Compute, IT Infrastructure (ITI), Site Facility Infrastructure (SFI), Site & Topology Services!

NTIPL data center audit and assessment engagements cover all aspects of data center Power & Electrical, Cooling & Mechanical, Civil & Architecture, Safety & Security, IT & Telecom and all the feasible components of legacy disciplines and much more, compiling to over 2,000 criteria across the data center ecosystem.

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NTIPL offers the following expert independent data center audits:

  • Data Center Assessment
  • Data Center Design Audit
  • Data Center Build Audit
  • Data Center Live Audit

Data Center Assessment

Independent assessment of the data center infrastructure includes performing careful review of key criteria and elements such as construction, location, cooling infrastructure, power infrastructure, environmental control infrastructure, physical security, electromagnetic fields, IT and telecom infrastructure, structured cabling, maintenance polices, SOPs, manuals and personnel capabilities to swiftly identify critical problems and evaluate the existing status of the vital infrastructural and operational components of the data center. The ultimate output of NTIPL data center assessments will be comprehensive and through data center assessment reports.

Data Center Design Audit

Aimed at helping our customers with audit and validation of their data center designs and documentation which they have developed either in-house, or through third-party consultants or suppliers, rendering full verification of designs against applicable Grade Levels across data center Site, SFI, ITI, Topology, Compute, Platform and Application. Data Center Design Audit and Data Center Design Validation is generally done before the procurement phase, to ensure that all the designs and specification are in full compliance with the industry norms and standards. The data center design audit will render a fully comprehensive and detailed report of the design gaps and ultimately in industry standard Certification.

Data Center Build Audit

Data center audit services at the commissioning stage provide on-site audit of the newly built data centers based on industry standards. The data center audit will be geared towards identifying all the gaps and non-compliant components, which are required for commissioning a smooth, efficient, safe, secure and highly available data center before the data center is brought under live end-user load. Comprehensive compliance report of architectural, electrical, mechanical, IT, telecom, safety, security, maintenance and documentation of data center based on the industry guidelines will be issued to the stakeholder. Upon compliance the data center owners can expect to receive their industry standard Certification.

Live Data Center Audit

Live data center audit involves rigorous deep tissue analysis and review exercises over the running data center, which is under live IT load. The live data center audit includes both vital operational parameters of the data center which includes the operational regime, disciplines, and documentation as well as efficiency and capacity matrices in conjunction full audit of critical infrastructure components such as data center power, cooling, site, structure, building, architecture, cabling, safety, security, IT, telecom, EMI, thermal assessments, etc. The live data center audit will render a fully comprehensive and detailed reports of the data center gaps and ultimately the subsequently assigned industry standard Certification.

Before your data center is built or enters the implementation phase, you must ensure the design is completely compliant and aligned with the relevant data center standards and optimization methods.
Once your new data center has been built, you want to ensure that it has been built according to the applicable standards and data center industry’s best practices.

NTIPL delivers a focused range of data center assessment, audit and certification services aimed at newly built facilities, which are in the commissioning phase, as well as existing facilities which are under live IT load.

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