Power Conditioning and Backup Servicing Solutions

Facility Management Service

Your company runs critical applications to ensure business runs like clockwork. However for that to happen, applications need to run like clockwork, and so do the IT infrastructure supporting them. That’s what Progression ensures with the Facility Management Service. On-site engineers backed by a team of remote experts, ensure quick recovery from any system failure, and coordinate and follow-up with third party vendors/service providers for equipment under warranty. Progression’s objective is to ensure that the business sees as little downtime as possible.

Annual Maintainence Contract

In today’s world, the main focus of an organization is to obtain the maximum output from any device they own. To ensure that the device that any organization own works at optimal capacity and does not incur any downtime, we provide Annual Maintainence Contracts (AMC) as a bundle along with our products.

AMC is a one time contract signed which provides the clients with the peace of mind that if any issues come up with their device, we at NTIPL have an experience, expert and technically advanced team of technicians, who will resolve their issues in the quickest time possible.

The duration of the AMC can be defined as either one, two, three or five years, depending on the requirements of the clients.

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