Data Center Monitoring & Management (DCIM)

The challenges for both the data center operations management and the organization’s executive management responsible for the IT function comes from all directions.

  • Minimize risk of downtime
  • Satisfy demand for new applications to facilitate business/revenue growth
  • Satisfy internal user needs as overall organization grows and changes
  • Comply with audits, both internal and government regulatory
  • Reduce/control energy usage/costs
  • Maximize utilization of current resources
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Incorporate processes to address green initiatives
  • Deal with the rate of technological change
  • Live within tighter budget constraints
  • Finance major capital investments

DCIM solutions help in reducing operational cost, maintaining high availability, manage energy usage, provide real time data to the business, centrally manage multiple sites, raise Standards and process, measure all elements of the Data Center.

The main Advantages of using DCIM:

  • Access Data instantly
  • Make informed decision
  • Operate more efficiently.
  • Share information confidentially.
  • Create actionable reports.

How DCIM Software Can Make a Difference – ROI and More

As per the estimation, operation of the corporate data center consumes 25% of the IT budget (plus an additional 15% for network LAN/WAN making it an obvious target for improved efficiency and cost reduction). Reliable operation of the data center is vital to the success of any organization, but achieving a cost-effective result requires the use of sophisticated tools to deal with its complexity, just as we do in all other areas of the business. A robust DCIM product will satisfy most datacenter management requirements, and its positive ROI impact will be both immediate and long term. Few key DCIM applications and the immediate direct and indirect cost benefits that users experience are —

  • Asset Management
  • Change Management
  • Capacity Management and Planning
  • Advanced (Integrated) Energy Monitoring and Management.

Data center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software will give companies the visibility, control and insight to leverage IT assets to align with business goals.

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