Thermal and Fire Safety Solutions

Network Techlab is an industry leader in the design, consulting and deployment of specialist thermal and fire safety, security solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

NTIPL offers a wide range of thermal, fire and safety control equipment and specialist services to industrial customers. We also partner with leading Fire Protection companies, providing fire safety solutions with our products.

Our products Under Thermal include Precision Air Conditioning, Industrial SRC, HVAC, VRV, Split AC and Chiller.

Our Fire and Safety Solutions include Fire Alarm System, VESDA System, Fire Extinguishers, Tube Based Gas Suppression System for Rack and Panels, Novec 1230 Base Fire Suppression, Sprinklers ad Smoke Detectors

Our Range of Thermal and Fire Safety Solutions

VRV System
Split AC System (2)
Chiller System

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