Copy Data Management

  • It is used to Unlock the value of data. Every business is creating multiple copies of the data for Backup, Testing, Development, Quality Analysis, Compliance and are consuming high capacity on Production Storage thereby increasing the uncontrolled cost for Data protection
  • Modern Data Protection technology helps business in bringing down cost of storage  infrastructure  that will lessen the investment required for storage and  keeping  multiple copies of critical data and data can be made available quickly  from backup as virtual copy for various purposes
  • Copy data consumes the majority of storage capacity and is growing at a multiple of the production data environment (as much as 20x)
  • Demand for access to recent copies of production data is soaring,driven both by traditional IT functions and by new business use cases

Backup / Data Protection :

Quick data restore  in case if primary copy is lost or damaged. Daily automated protection policies make up the core of CDM solutions, Modern Backup solution OR CDM quickly restore , verify its consistency without complexity when the clock is running.

Disaster Recovery :

Data protection’s extension to a remote site, to ensure data availability in case of a data-centre wide outage. CDM  should integrate with storage replication processes and leverage their replication engines and data reduction functions.

Development and Test Data Access :

During the software development cycle, access to Production data sets is needed to verify certain functionality that integrates as expected with the current systems of record.  Similarly, as an application nears readiness, it needs a full QA cycle that will require acting in conjunction with live copies of production data. CDMs allow the IT department to make  data available to the development and test teams  even one that’s several TB – in just seconds without coordination with other  organizational teams. The result is usually happier developers and faster software product cycles.

Today’s digital businesses need a cost-effective and reliable data protection solution that can scale as the business and data grows.

Network Techlab is well known, has reliable solutions and is a certified partner for various technology  in  providing Modern Data protection / CDM which ensures that data is always available; no matter what disaster occurs requires a backup solution that understands a company’s scale, integrity and speed requirements.

To solve a customer’s business problems, Network Techlab always adapts Solution defined approach, which is a combination of products that are packaged together. We believe to support the customer through every aspect of the business life cycle from purchasing and implementation to maintenance and upgrades.

Network Techlab does not take plethora of new product in front of customer, we focus on unique technical approach that makes us distinct by helping customers to provide right solution which fit best for organization.


To learn more about Copy Data management or for a demo or understanding how NTIPL can help you in your CDM requirements CONTACT US!

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