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Excellence in Work & Play – Displaying more content, resolving sharper images, and featuring advanced display technologies, our high-resolution monitors are the perfect choice for almost any use. From professional applications to multitasking and gaming, let high resolution improve your performance.

The Space

The Space
Reclaim your space

You hope to maintain a sleek, sophisticated desk that reflects your neat and modern lifestyle, but your desktop is constantly cluttered. You could have a monitor, taking up almost no space, with no messy cables.

Clamp-Type Stand – Ensure quick and easy installation.
No-Gap Design – Push back to sit flat against a back wall and leave your entire work surface clear.
Robust Hinge – Assure smooth and precise screen positioning.
Sleek Design – Offer an understated stylish solution for any workplace or home interior.
Y-Cable Structure – Prevent tangling and keep your workspace clear and free from clutter.
Zero-Level HAS – Allow easy positioning of the screen for optimum comfort and convenience.

Revolutionise efficiency

Experience the ultimate in gaming development, video and any business application with fast-moving content with our multi-sized Samsung curved monitor.

Curved Screen – Enhance productivity through a comfortable curved design.
Picture-By-Picture – Connect two different devices to the monitor simultaneously.
Easy Setting Box – Partition the screen into multiple windows for an instant view.
Ergonomic Design – The swivel/tilt and height-adjustable stand offer all the flexibility for maximum comfort.
High Resolution – Work with multiple windows more comfortably and see more details.
Eye-Saver Mode – Reduce blue light emissions to drive long-term productivity.

Business Monitor

Business Monitor

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