Data Center Services and AMC

The best way to eliminate downtime? Stop problems before they start.

Our specialized anti-static cleaning services will protect your storage media and other important infrastructure assets, as well as your staff while you continue your up-time operations. Our experienced Data center cleaning staff is comprised of technically skilled specialists that have gone through extensive background checks for high-security clearance, and have gained expertise cleaning hundreds of Data centers across the country. Each employee attends comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure the strictest standards of excellence are upheld, and to stay informed on the latest in technology equipment and best practices.

Data Center & Computer Room Products

  • Sub-Floor Cleaning
  • Sub-Floor Concrete Sealing
  • Equipment and Above-Floor Cleaning
  • Access Floor Cleaning
  • Standard Vinyl Floor Anti-Static Waxing
  • Zinc Whisker Remediation
  • Belt Debris Remediation
  • Exterior Equipment Cleaning
  • Interior Electronics Detail Cleaning
  • Ceiling Plenum Cleaning
  • Environmental Audits and Reporting
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Custom-Scheduled Service Plans
  • Air Quality check

Specialty Services

  • Storage Media Solutions
  • Clean-room Cleaning
  • Clean-room Validation and Certification
  • Clean-room Consulting & Protocol Enhancement

Data Center & Computer Room Services

  • Anti-Static Cleaning Chemicals
  • Hand Tile Pullers
  • Standing Back-saver Tile Pullers
  • Tacky Mats
  • PPE Equipment

Our specialized cleaning services are performed while your data center is still running – so no downtime is required. Our technicians are specifically trained to work in live data center environments according to industry and ISO Standard Protocol. NTIPL understands that every facility has unique needs, so we tailor our services to fit your company.

Reduce risk of downtime and errors with our antistatic cleaning programs & reporting services.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses are affected massively worldwide. Having said that it is a global crisis being very uncertain in nature, we don’t really have an idea as to how long this will last.

During this Pandemic, we have taken precautionary measures by lockdown our office and branches and encouraging our employees to work from home. Thus, our IVR Support No. may not be reachable or you may face some difficulties to create or log a support ticket.

To shield this lockdown situation and help you with the best of support, we have set up the Service Desk Support Continuity Team, to assist you to resolve your queries and concerns.

Please stay safe and feel free to reach out to us for any technical requirements.


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