Print Tracking Solutions

Documents are the lifeblood of any business, and its production make up for a substantial expenditure. Many organizations, however, tend to overlook the cost of their document output, or implement the wrong control measures and end up affecting business operations negatively. What you need is a print tracking solution that can help optimize your company’s print output without compromising on quality

“Is there a way to know which printers are used more often and which are not, so we can withdraw or replace them”? We need to cut costs, is there a way to see how much users are printing? We would like our business units to pay for their paper; can we get a report to chargeback our business units?

Yes, there is a way! It’s called print job tracking.

With our Tracking Service, you can track who printed to what printer and more such as:

  • Costs per page
  • Number of pages printed
  • Settings used (b/w color)
  • Errors
  • Print Duration

Print Accounting Data Analytics

Print tracking solutions offer subscribers metric reporting capabilities which allow them to pass along the cost of printing. This can be useful for recouping money from specific department budgets, as well as giving invoice-based businesses like law firms and accounting practices the ability to invoice clients for the print materials associated with their work. With print accounting solutions, data from printing jobs is available on-demand.

Save Money and Mother Earth

Monitoring this data can increase efficiency and control overages in the print budget. With automated data capture, office managers can review user activity

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