Thermography is the non-contact analysis & mapping of thermal patterns of an object. It’s known that all objects emit infrared radiation based on their temperature. Thermal image-rs detect this infrared radiation & according to

the black body radiation law, Thermography makes it possible to see one’s environment with OR without visible illumination. As such Thermography is used to monitor & analyze the performance of electrical equipment & if

done properly can help prevent fire hazards/failures.


  1. Prevent fire hazards
  2. Reduce equipment down time
  3. Maintenance economics reduction
  4. Business interruption minimization


  • Thermal diffusion measurement
  • Estimation of properties variations (porosity, thickness, density…)
  • Delaminations, inclusions, cracks and welding defects detection
  • Impacts quantification
  • Age-ing.
  • Analysis of thermal phenomena (estimation of heat exchange coefficient from temperature fields…)
  • Monitoring, diagnosis, (Passive IR Thermography)

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