Container and Serverless Cyber-Security Measures

Single application allowed for packing in container based security. Segregating applications or services from similar parts of the target environment which can provide a variety of operational and security benefits.

With the help of a container based security approach you can minimize the complexity of multiple ongoing services running simultaneously in a single system, especially wherever conflicts or overlapping exists. Due to their inattention, containers also helps you to mitigate the effects of system-wide failure, ensuring uptime and helping to prevent the compromise of application or mission -critical services.

Container and serverless security solutions offered from Network Techlab helps you to protect your cloud native environments including hosts, containers and serverless applications, against vulnerabilities and active threats – using automated machine learning to build 4D models of known good application behavior.

Container and Serverless security ensures secured build and deployment of cloud inborn application throughout the application lifecycle

Unmatched Vulneability Tracking

Unmatched vulnerability detection, prevention at every stage of application lifecycle

Easily Implementation

Easily implementation and maintain compliance for the Docker, Kubernetes, Linux and AWS CIS Benchmark

Latest Priviledged

Least-privileges, whitelist-based runtime models for every version of every app with Machine Learning

Core L4

Core L4 and web app firewalling purpose-built for cloud native applications

Integrated Security

Integrated security directly into continuous integration process to find fix and fix problems before they arrive in to a production

Establish Access

Established access control measures for cloud workloads and cloud native apps across underlying hosts, Docker and Kubernetes

Container & Serverless Security

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