Streamline Visitor Management System For a Great First Impression.

As your business grows your organization’s influx of visitors grows exponentially. Whether it’s your clients, vendors, sales representatives, job applicants, or guests, manage them seamlessly while prioritizing security.

In today’s dynamic business environment, ensuring the security and efficiency of your workplace is paramount. Network Techlab understands your needs and offers a Visitor Management System designed to provide a seamless and secure experience for visitors while enhancing your organizational security protocols.

Why VAMS- Ver 2.0?

Our Visitor Authentication and Management solution (VAMS) provides comprehensive security and efficiency by automating the process of granting access to visitors, without compromising the privacy and convenience of the visitors. 

The Key Advantages of the Visitor Management system are:

cyber-security (1)

Improved Security


Visitor Report Automation


Operational efficiency


Real-time tracking of visitor movements

How VAMS works:


First Step-

Simple and hassle-free registration.

As the visitor arrives they have to go through a simple registration process through a tablet, desktop, or Kiosk placed at the reception and provide basic information like Name, Mobile number, and person to meet.

Second Step-

Photo ID

Visitor’s photograph is captured during their first arrival and integrated with their details to issue temporary badges or passes.

Third Step-


Visitor also gets an OTP or QR code in their registered mobile number confirming their registration and access to the premises.

Most Useful Integrations with Visitor Management System


Turnstile and Access Control Integrations


Facial Recognition option


PC’s, Tablet & Kiosk Compatible


Host & Visitor Mobile App

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