• Location Services

Location Services

Location-based services bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds, engaging employees and customers in new ways, and creating business opportunities and efficiencies. Our location-ready infrastructure enables way finding capabilities, proximity campaigns, asset tracking, and location analytics.

LBS can be used in a variety of contexts, such as health, indoor object search, entertainment, work, personal life, etc.

LBS are critical to many businesses as well as government organizations to drive real insight from data tied to a specific location where activities take place. The spatial pattern that location-related data and services can provide is one of its most powerful and useful aspects where location is a common denominator in all of these activities and can be leveraged to better understand patterns and relationships.

Location-based services may be employed in a number of applications, including:

  • Recommending social events in a city
  • Requesting the nearest business or service, such as an ATM, restaurant or a retail store
  • Turn-by-turn navigation to any address
  • Assistive healthcare systems
  • Locating people on a map displayed on the mobile phone
  • Receiving alerts, such as notification of a sale on gas or warning of a traffic jam
  • Location-based mobile advertising
  • Asset recovery combined with active RF to find, for example, stolen assets in containers where GPS would not work
  • Contextualizing learning and research
  • Games where your location is part of the game play, for example your movements during your day make your avatar move in the game or your position unlocks content.
  • Real-time Q&A revolving around restaurants, services, and other venues.

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