SMART Data Centre Solutions

Smart Solutions help you cost-effectively achieve and manage higher levels of density, availability and efficiency.

The SmartSolutions approach gives you the efficiency, economy, interoperability and control to implement an infrastructure strategy that outperforms any you’ve ever seen.

Design & Deployment

Simplify configuration and implementation
Reduce the time required for system design and deployment
Reduce space and capital requirements

Management And Planning

Streamline operations with comprehensive management controls
Lower long-term operational costs with proactive maintenance programs


Reduce energy costs with efficient technologies
Decrease downtime costs through high availability configurations
Increase productivity through greater efficiencies.

Smart Solutions consists of:

  1. SmartCabinet™
  2. SmartRow™
  3. SmartAisle™
  4. SmartCloset™


Intelligent, integrated infrastructure ready to house IT in a single rack

Capacity: 1.5-16kW; Rack Sizes: 13U, 24U, 42U and 48U Type: Single rack Floor: Primarily non-raised Key Applications: Computer rooms; network closets; data centers

The SmartCabinet™ solution is a turn-key infrastructure offering for network closets, small server rooms or data center seeking standardization.

  1.  Standardized configurations that are tailored to the application, factory integrated, validated and tested.
  2. High availability with network independent remote management and extensive emergency service coverage.
  3. Secure physical and remote access with on-site intrusion detection and user rights driven remote management


Intelligent, integrated infrastructure in a self-contained line-up

Capacity: 20-36kW; 3-10 racks Type: Self-contained Floor: Primarily non-raised Key Applications: Small data centers; remote sites; disaster recovery

The SmartRow™ infrastructure solution has a room-neutral design that lets you avoid many of the significant costs that come with a conventional data center buildout.

  1.  Favorable implementation costs compared to using a conventional data center approach, due to savings from integrated fire suppression and ability to work in an existing non-raised floor environment without dedicated room cooling
  2. Reduce energy consumption by up to 27% compared to a data center with conventional design, perform less maintenance and reduce the costs of adding new equipment
  3. Order and install in just weeks


Intelligent, integrated infrastructure using row-based building blocks.

Capacity: Most cost effective up to 400kW Type: Open Floor: Raised, non-raised Key Applications: Small and medium data centers; high-density zones in all data centers; new or retrofit
The SmartAisle™ offering can increase your efficiency through row-based power and precision cooling systems.

  1.  Save up to 27% in energy costs
  2. Keep infrastructure on pace with equipment changes, with systems that operate together and can be quickly reconfigured
  3. Increase capacity without replacing old infrastructure


SmartCloset™ is the new standalone self-contained rack from Vertiv, along with inbuilt power and cooling. It facilitates the housing and trouble-free installation of active IT equipment like switches, routers and so on – for which, an open environment is not conducive for healthy performance.
SmartCloset™ is suitable for any location like factories, warehouses, branch offices and retail stores where ambient conditions and temperatures are not in control; and also where dust and dirt are common.

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