• Dedicated Rack mount cooling –
    The air conditioner capacity is designed considering only rack equipment load and rack volume, thus saving on both capital and operating costs.
  • Rack mount UPS and Battery –
    A single rack for housing both power and active equipment offers lesser
    footprint and saves on critical space area.
  • High sensible cooling and 24x 7 application –
    As IT equipment is designed to run 24×7 and typically dissipate sensible heat load, Smart Closet is exclusively designed for such applications to deliver maximum efficiency.
  • Cooling unit with safety features –
    The air conditioner comes with HP/LP switch and Under/Over voltage protection for sites at remote locations and with high voltage fluctuations.
  • Rack Monitoring –
    (Optional feature)
    Rack environment monitoring like temperature, humidity, door sensor, smoke sensor, etc

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