Managed Print Services

Do you know what your organization could save on printing? Up to 3% of revenue is spent on printing and proactive management of print costs can save up to 40% of that expenditure.

We will help you review your internal print procedures and costs. By deploying the right multifunctional devices and print management software, each print job is always routed to the most cost-effective device.

Benefits to the customer include: User Benefits

  • Shift from CAPEX model to OPEX model
  • No multi-vendor or multi-brand hassles
  • Centralized printing with workgroups and quota system
  • Print auditing reduces wastage of consumables like paper, toner, etc.
  • Less wastage, less misuse, more saving
  • Easy payment with a single monthly invoice
  • Complete print information security
  • Reduced hardware and consumable costs
  • More predictable costs
  • Supporting green initiatives

If your business lacks a formal print strategy, we can help implement one and provide guidance on usage to meet your company’s size and requirements while helping to address any identified weaknesses.

When you contact us for managed print services / managed print solutions, we will work with your business stakeholders to establish the company’s print needs. Based on that assessment, we can provide the most efficient and cost-effective print solution, including color and mono laser printers among other devices that meet your business requirements, along with clear costing.

Devices are available from leading brand, Canon. An MPS, as well as providing your business with pure cost savings, can also help provide financial flexibility, support a move to cloud computing and deliver innovative/niche print solutions for companies that would usually find them out of their budget.

When a contract is agreed, we will acquire the hardware, and our engineers will install it along with software and services across your servers and computers as needed. Queues require the user to go to the printer and trigger the printing process, so that only essential documents are printed, saving on waste and unnecessary printing. Analytics reporting provides oversight of print usage, and workers can be provided with set limits on how much printing they can perform per day or week.

Off-site support services available as part of an MPS service or our managed print solutions include document management and consultancy, variable data printing services along with storage, archiving and retrieval of data and documents.

As part of your managed print solutions contract, NTIPL will provide an agreed level of service. Our unique dashboard approach provides daily performance measurements across all areas of the print process. Many issues can be resolved with our remote support service, and where necessary an engineer can be sent out to deal with any issues that require personal attention. Hardware can be upgraded or replaced as needed, with automated notifications providing updates to ensure a smooth supply of consumables.

Many businesses use our managed print services (MPS services) to simplify their printing footprint, and most enjoy an excellent relationship with their provider thanks to the level of service provision, savings and efficiency improvements.


  • The right solution for your business Choose from Canon MPS Essentials – our ready-to-implement package – or work with our specialist MPS team to design a tailored Managed Print Services solution that fulfills even your most complex requirements.
  • A customized solution when you have more complex processes or require integration into a unique IT environment.
  • A ready to implement solution for small, medium and large businesses with regular print management needs.

Best Features of our Printing Service

  • Single point of business association to serve all purposes pertained to copying and printing
  • Reduction in capital expenditure (CAPEX)
  • Single monthly invoice from a single window system
  • Centralized printing
  • Buy back option for old copiers and printers
  • Print quota can be defined
  • Hassle free hardware, service and consumable management
  • Any kind of print requirement like different size range from A0 to A6 can be availed
  • Remote access from any device is possible
  • Complete control on printing cost of an organization
  • Software can be used for print audit, accounting and security

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