Standalone Smart Signage Solutions

Tell the story of your business through high-impact visual messaging. Samsung’s large-format digital displays provide professional-grade image quality with superior contrast ratio and best-in-industry brightness and colour uniformity.

QLED Signage

QLED Signage
Transform customer engagement through true-to-life picture quality

QLED Signage transcends the conventional viewing experience through realistic and compelling content. Backed by best-in-class picture quality, these displays bring creative ideas to life and enable businesses to deliver refreshing content that engages, informs and entertains.

QLED Composition – Achieve exceptional picture quality through a quantum dot composition
HDR – Deliver any content at HDR quality with sharp contrast
No Burn-In – Deter burn-in and prevent viewer distraction
100% Colour Volume – Bring even the most subtle visual details
Embedded Media Player – Boost overall display performance
No Gap Wall Mount – Eliminate a common source of visual distraction and conserve valuable space

Deliver stunning content through added precision and visual impact

Deliver impossible-to-ignore messages around the clock with four times the resolution of full HD. Samsung commercial-quality UHD digital signage and displays offer 24/7 durability and reliability, head-turning visual impact and fine detail for exceptional legibility.

Intelligent UHD – Transform any content to UHD-level quality.
Intelligent Picture Mode – Optimize text and imagery with crisp and fine details.
Secured By KNOX – Ensure data protection through rigid 3-layer security platform.
Intelligent HDR+ – Convert standard SDR content to HDR images.
Embedded Media Player – Boost overall display performance.
Centralized Management – Manage entire content and devices from any location.

UHD Signage

UHD Signage

FHD Signage

FHD Signage
Amplify business content efficiently through captivating displays

Now Amplify Business Messaging with the FHD Signage, 300 nit brightness, and 16 / 7 reliability to boost engagement and relay timely information with the superior content presentation.

Slim Depth – Maintain a stylish and captivating design with slim depth.
IP5X Rating – Perform in any outdoor setting, including dust and humidity.
Embedded Media Player – Boost overall display performance.
Non-Glare – Discover heightened image visibility and information readability under light.
Center IR – Ensure easier and more flexible user control.
Centralized Management – Manage entire content and devices from any location.

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