Cyber Security Solutions by Network Techlab

Traditionally, security has been observed as ‘critical’ and ‘confidential’. With time Security has been now ‘simple’ and ‘faster’. We are helping businesses for reliable security solutions at a lightning speed for you further concentrate on what matters that are with the lowest downtime.

Security Simplified


Simple Security from complex stories

Instead of discussing the complex security perimeter, we help you to make your Cyber Security simple. Increased number of users within an organization, use of external data sources and sophisticated Cyber Security attacks close your doors for innovation. We change this whole complex situation into a painless story for you and let you concentrate on other important tasks.


Run your businesses  swiftly

Tightening Cyber Security will make your organizational activities faster in many aspects. You will run faster with Enterprise Security Solutions that lead automation to accelerate the delivery of new applications and drive faster business growth. This will make you faster for a better response against vulnerable threats.

Faster Busineses
Dynamic People


Make the dynamic leaders

Dynamic security solutions will change the approach to look at business risks. Global Intelligence dynamically identifies unknown threats and stop attackers in their tracks. Cyber Security makes you fully automated against Cyber Attacks. It gives you the confidence to use the most promising and emerging technologies without any risk.

Accelerate business innovation with the company
that simplifies security for now and in the coming future.


Enterprise Security

Protection against advanced threats,
arising daily

With Enterprise Security, you can now get visibility of emerging attacks, detect them and hold protection before it could…


Cloud Security

Secure applications deployed
at Cloud

Today, rapidly evolving businesses are migrating technology platforms and services from traditional…



Secure software you are building, right from
the time of creation

DevSecOps is implemented when considering software security as a core part of the overall software delivery process…

EnterPrise Security NTIPL

Container & Serverless Security

Protect your cloud workloads no
matter where it is originating from

With Enterprise Security, you can now get visibility of emerging attacks, detect them and hold protection before it could


Security Operation Center - SOC

Give quick response to vulnerabilities
and emerging attacks

With the number of increased cyber incidents and constantly evolving threat paradigm, many companies are setting


Advance Endpoint Security

Prevent malware and ransomware with intelligent threat protection

An Instant attacker knows gaps and weaknesses in an organization and penetrate in an enlightened way to bypass traditional


Email Security

Expose emerging email threats 

Your email inbox is a booming target for attackers, even then  many organizations fail to notice this and are dependent on


Secure Acess Service Edge (SASE)

Get Secured, Edge to Edge

With an increasing number of users, branch offices, external apps and plug-ins, data and services located outside


AtmosSecure SOC Service

Complete Visibility, Threats Remediation 

Managed SOC Service for Centralized Visibility for Your All Security Alerts


Mobile Security

Protect Mobile App from emerging threats 

Mobile apps are at the center of the modern lifestyle across the world – from banking and eCommerce to healthcare and

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