Smart Cabinet™ Data Center

Intelligent & Integrated infrastructure ready to house IT in a single rack

The SmartCabinet™ solution is a turn-key infrastructure offering for network closets, Small Server Rooms or Data Center seeking standardization.

Deployment Time Savings:

1. Traditional: Define IT –> Supporting Infrastructure –> Validate Design –> Procure & Deploy –> Installation & Integration

2. SmartCabinet: Define IT –> Supporting Infrastructure –> Validate Design –> Procure & Deploy –> Manage & Maintain (Smart Cabinet Simplification)

The SmartCabinet solution is ideal for:

  • Branch offices, Retail Stores, Small & Medium-sized business offices, and Telecommunication sites
  • Branch locations for Government, Educational Institutions, Healthcare, Finance, Business Process outsourcing firms
  • Warehouse or mobile sites, where computer/networking room is unavailable
  • Manufacturing sites for Automation Control

Our Offerings:

SmartCabinet Solution

SmartCabinet Premium Solution

We help you re-engineer your Data Center Infrastructure and align Security, Monitoring & Capacity with the latest Smart Cabinet Technology. Being in the industry for more than two decades Network Techlab has earned the tag of most promising data center deployers for all types of SMEs with a team of experts that provide 24×7 support and service.

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