Rodent Repellent System

Keep your Data Center away from Rodent with the help of Rodent Repellent System

Rodent repellent is a device unit that emits ultrasonic sound waves to create an acoustically hostile environment that repels rodents. This helps to keep your Data Center free form rodents. Frequency of sound will induce rodents to move away from Data Center premises. As per research by University of Nebraska, Rodent Repellent is a proven device. Rodents under test could either leave the buildings or move to alternate non-ultrasonically treated areas.

As Data Center is the important business premises, we need to protect it from many risks. Rodent and their control are possible with Rodent Repellents system. It works efficiently in indoor premises like offices, server rooms and any other closed premises with less external commotion . Rodent Repellent system can be installed in your Data Center premises and an ideal place to mount this Repellent System is a wall corner of 3 to 10 feet of the floor.

Rodent Repellent System is important to achieve below outcomes:

  • Advanced ultrasonic technology products
  • 100% effective rat & rodent control method
  • No chemical or poison
  • No audible sound to humans
  • Its humane (PETA recommended), you are not killing rats, just chasing them away permanently!

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