Environet Solutions

Environet transforms complexity into simplicity. By providing visibility into your Data Center environment and delivering access to real-time data, Environet empowers you to proactively manage Data Center operations. The interactive interface delivers critical information, allowing decisions to be made with speed and confidence.

Environet uses common protocols to communicate with the Data Center and facility infrastructure to obtain critical data and device status. These values provide alarm notifications and are stored for historic reporting. All statuses and values are displayed within a web browser with editable HTML graphics, so you can visualize the health of your data.

Environet makes it simple to know where action needs to be taken and provides clarity in an often stressful environment. From a single site to multiple facilities, you can access your critical infrastructure within one interface. Cross-site navigation from edge sites to full-enterprise or hyper-scale facilities allows for informed decision making.

Supported Equipment
Rack PDUs, Room Level UPS and PDU, Battery Strings, RPPs, BCMs, In-Row Cooling Units, Room Cooling Units, Chilled Water Systems, Switch Gear, Generators, ATSs, STSs, Fire Panels, Leak Detection, Utility Power Meters and equipment communicating via standard protocols.

Our Offerings

ENVIRONET SOLUTIONS - Real-time Data Center Monitoring Software


We are elated to announce that we have entered the 25th Year of Business Excellence this year.

We deeply thank all our OEM’s and Clients for having trust in us and our Network family to stand headstrong for serving with the finest quality service.

With each passing year, we will definitely scale new heights.

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