NKGSB Bank Step up on their growth story by Migrating to Nutanix Cloud Platform.

Network Techlab successfully implemented multiple Nutanix Solutions at NKGSB Bank, Driving Digital Initiatives in Banking with the power of Nutanix Cloud.

Co-operative Bank

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Banking and Finance Industry

Solutions Offered:
Nutanix Cloud Platform


NKGSB Bank is one of India’s most well-known cooperative banks, offering a wide range of financial services including savings accounts, loans and ATMs across multiple states including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.  They are focusing on expansion by introducing digital services for its customers, employees and external stakeholders. NKGSB acquire an all-encompassing useful treasury and put it to use for all Banking units as well as end customers.

The Challenge:

The respective bank has experienced tentative and segmented challenges in its IT Infrastructure. NKGSB Bank is driving growth through digitization; however, it needed to modernize its IT in order to keep growing. The present three-tier infrastructure was getting older. There was no guarantee that it would be available 24/7. Furthermore, the IT department was unable to grow performance in response to rising workloads. Multiple vendor relationships had to be managed by team members, which made support more difficult. They were also forced to administer the infrastructure using multiple consoles, adding complexity to upgrades.

NTIPL Solution:

NKGSB Bank has regained control of IT by shifting workloads to the Nutanix Cloud Platform. Nutanix nodes were installed throughout the bank’s data center and disaster recovery location. Non-core banking applications, such as Mobile Banking services, AML, FRM, ADF, HRMS, and many instances of Microsoft SQL Server databases, were migrated to the platform. The bank recently added 12 more nodes and began migrating its core financial systems, including an enhanced Infosys Finacle and Oracle database, to Nutanix. Network Techlab has supported implementation throughout the project. As a part of the Nutanix Cloud Platform, NKGSB Bank is running the AHV hypervisor along with Nutanix Flow for network segmentation, Nutanix Files for scale-out storage, Nutanix Calm for application lifecycle management and Nutanix Prism Pro for a single pane of glass administration.

After the successful migration of its core banking applications to Nutanix, The Bank plans to consider the Nutanix Era for database refresh that would help to database operation management and brining one-click simplicity to provisioning and lifecycle management.


  • Increases performance by 10x for growing workloads.
  • Completes upgrades in 2-3 hours instead of more than a working week.
  • Provisions new workloads in 10-15 minutes rather than 2-3 days.
  • Cuts IT administration costs by 45-50%.
  • Lowers time for proof of compliance by 50%
  • Reduces hardware footprint by 80% & thereby datacenter cost
  • Lowers costs of co-location as well as power and cooling
  • Simplifies recovery with native snapshots

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