Case Studies

Coromandel Agrico - Document Management Solutions

Network Techlab’s print monitoring solution helped in monitoring paper wastage, document security and tracking unauthorized users which helped in cutting down operational costs.

Kapol Vidyanidhi - Green Energy

Network Techlab’s energy efficient solution not only saved the electricity charges but also gave an alternate source of power supply to the school.

India based search service company - Data Center solutions

Network Techlab helped in proper management of Data center and resolving it’s asset management issues. The main objective was to create streamline and simplify daily operations.

IT security solutions company - Next-Generation Firewall

Network Techlab’s Firewall decision-making process has the ability to understand the details of the Web application traffic passing through it and taking action to block traffic that might exploit…

Times Square Ajmera Group - Installation of the great Videowall

Network Techlab (I) Pvt.Ltd. installed the 4 x 4 Video wall in the corporate area and thus the employees are now able to watch all the informative presentations on a single high-quality display.

Paint Industry - The most advanced policy management platform available

Network Techlab (I) Pvt.Ltd. provided a secure and controlled production network access to a major player in the paint industry enabling it to connect and secure all their employees data ….


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