Network Techlab’s Server and DR solutions not only enhanced the storage and performance but also enabled the organization to store their data at a separate DR unit for backup and recovery purpose.

India’s leading capital research center upgraded to the enhanced servers and storage and also deployed a dedicated DR.

Insurance Company


Solution Offered
Dell Servers & Storage



The organization is one of India’s leading financial expert with the sole aim of providing focused and customized solutions in the areas of Investment Banking and Institutional Equities. It is one of India’s largest private sector banks. They offer investors, companies and government entities with the spectrum of financial needs in the areas of Equity Capital Markets, M&A, Private Equity, Structured Finance, and Institutional Equities.

What was the issue?

They had a new project coming up and the current servers did not have enough storage. These storage and servers were to serve as platforms for their new applications that they were planning to launch on Linux with the SQL database.

How was the issue/complication resolve?

The issue was resolved by bringing in DELL servers and SAN storage. We gave them the server along with a SAN storage that would be sufficient for their requirement for the next 3 years considering their data growth and at the same time serve the performance needed. To resolve the disaster recovery issue we had installed a server and storage at their Data Center and a similar set up at their DR as well so that they can replicate their database to DR site which would help them to recover in case of any disaster.


They had a small infra which wasn’t capable of serving IOPS (input-output per second) for their future applications and did not have enough storage to store the data. As they belong to the market research segment the data growth in the company was huge and the current set up was not reliable to host the new applications along with the data growth. They did not have any disaster recovery or backup solution for their data.

Benefits of the solutions

  • Exceptional performance for small-business offices to enterprise hyper-scale environments.
  • Allowed them to expand their storage on demand, adapt to business needs and intelligently
    manage the data.


Network Techlab’s prominent solutions not only enhanced their performance and capacity but also provided them with disaster recovery solutions.

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