Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. provided the most high-performance cable management solutions for a leading bank and provide secure & reliable communication networks.

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. Helped A Leading Bank With Its Solutions To Address Latency & Network Disconnect Problem.

Banking Industry


Banking Industry

Solution Offered
New 10G LAN cables with new manageable switch

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Business Need

They have their Head office located at Cuffe Parade, it consists of multiple floors. On all floors, they had LAN cabling which was of outdated and was messed up. The cables were laid below the carpet, without any proper structure and layout. Apart from having high-end storage and servers which were recently installed, they were not able to deliver the expected performance. They were facing constant latency and network disconnection problems. One of the core reason was outdated cables and its presence under the floor carpet.


  • latency & network disconnection problem
  • performance Issues


They approached Network Techlab for the solution, We understood their challenges & inspected the whole site. We suggested the solutions to replace the cables with New 10G LAN cables with the new manageable switch. They had around 80-100 points on each floor, but there was a challenge as the cables were laid below the carpet so the new cables cannot be laid. This process was time-consuming and may lead to a stoppage of work for the particular office. So we had to chip the floor to install raceway and pass the LAN cables, So we had restudied the site and planned in such a way that the user should also not get impacted while we change the cable after laying the raceway, We bifurcated the task into floor & wings. Later we started with complete chipping of the floor and then started laying off the raceway and filled them with the concrete. After that, we laid the cables & completed with termination & testing.


  • Reduced Risk of Downtime
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Reduces power and cooling usage leading to cost benefits.
  • Reduces cabling bulk and congestion


The solutions were provided in such a way that there was no stoppage of work and the new cable infra was deployed. With the help of our technical knowledge and expertise, we had deployed new 10G Cable with the latest manageable switch at zero downtime.

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