Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. brings unmatched network connectivity to a leading shipping company.

Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. Provided A Comprehensive Structured Cabling Solution To Resolve Their Networking And Structural Complications.

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With a vast experience of over 115 years and a network of 47 offices around the globe, this organization is one of the world’s largest and most experienced providers of maritime solutions. They offer a range of services, across Ship Management, Ship Agency, Commercial Management, and Asset Protection, with an emphasis on safety, quality, and operational efficiency.

What was the Issue?

In their Mumbai office, they were facing a networking issue. They wanted to change the seating arrangement of a group of users, as well as their building, had a leakage problem. Because of that, the water leakage was getting into the raceway which was near to windows and then was spreading to the whole office area.

What were the challenges faced during the resolution of the complication?

They consulted NTIPL for the solutions and our presales team worked on their concern points and noted the following challenges:

  1. The client did not have the existing conduit raceway layout.
  2. They did not want any downtime while the implementation of the solutions.
  3. The client had informed us to replace the entire existing cabling with a new cabling system and they required additional points and Cat6 was to be used for voice and was supposed to be terminated on Patch panel.
  4. The server room did not have raised flooring.

How was the issue/complication resolve?

We worked with their existing interior designer & found the most appropriate solutions.
Our presales team along with interior designer physically checked all their existing conduit raceway & their route. Since the client did not want the downtime and they had to replace their voice cable to cat6 & client had added some new points so to consider all we had to lay new aluminum raceway with cementing & floor tiling without disturbing their existing setup on Friday after official working hours 17:30 till Sunday 10:00.

Simultaneously our team started laying of OBO casing capping for the WKS which were near the window.

Then we started laying cables and termination during weekdays after office working hours.

From Friday to Sunday due to long weekend holidays, we got the opportunity and in that time we removed all the racks, switches and servers from the server room to raise the floor for installation and after that, we terminated data & voice cables on the rack and completed the rack dressing.

Finally, the whole setup Data & Voice was running on new Cat6 Solutions.

Our team worked continuously day and night to achieve the target.

We completed the project with the help of proper planning & expertise of our engineers.


  • They got raceway diagram
  • Got multiple points per workstation


Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. brought unmatched network connectivity to a leading shipping company.

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