NTIPL Assisted A Leading Co-operative Insurance Broker Company With Elastic & Secured AWS Cloud Solution

Network Techlab Served Shift Risk to Increase Their Storage Footprint and Compute Footprint Utilizing AWS’s Highly Scalable Features.


Shift Risk Insurance Brokers Limited

Chembur Mumbai, Maharashtra

Insurance broker Industry

Solution Offered:
EC2(server) with SQL server & Web Application on AWS cloud

A Leading Co-operative Insurance Broker Company, has been serving customers in the Insurance domain for more than 10 years. Our journey began as a corporate agent in the year 2008, while we received our Broking License from Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDAI) in August 2016.

Shift Risk was experiencing significant growth through their customer base. This growth was causing considerable strain to their on-premise environment. Shift Risk , a SaaS product requires 24 x 7 uptime. Shift Risk needed a highly redundant, secured environment, so they could meet their customer’s expectations while avoiding upfront capital expenditures.

NTIPL engaged with Shift Risk with a full turn-key migration of their on-premise server infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The migration enabled Shift Risk to scale quickly and dynamically by utilizing EC2 elastic features and Amazon redundant object storage offering S3. Shift Risk was so pleased with the work that NTIPL provided that they contracted them to further enhance the application. NTIPL is currently refactoring the Shift Risk application environment to take advantage of more native features of the AWS platform to increase availability and scalability, while reducing cost.

The Architecture:

Shift Risk Insurance Brokers Limited

Figure 1. AWS Region

The Shift Risk application utilizes a Three-Layered Services Application running the Microsoft Windows Operating System. This provides isolation of services for both security and performance. The entire environment resides in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to improve security in addition to Security Groups, Role-based permissions and custom Identity and Access Management (IAM) rules.  The Presentation Layer or Web Tier utilizes ASP.NET and IIS to provide browser-based interaction.  While on a separate subnet, the Business Layer or Application Server was implemented using the .NET framework. The isolated Data Layer utilizes the relational database Microsoft SQL (MSSQL).

NTIPL utilized the following AWS services in the Production solution:

  • VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  • Security Groups, Roles & IAM (Identity & Access Management) Rules
  • NAT Gateway
  • Windows on EC2
  • MSSQL on EC2
  • Flow Logs


  • Performance :
    The deployed architecture was optimized for serving Shift Risk customers in a more efficient manner. By splitting out the Presentation, Application and Data Layers, NTIPL could select the optimized AWS instance that best suited each workload.
  • Pricing:
    Shift Risk was able to reduce their costs of running systems locally which allowed their engineering team to focus on enhancing the product instead of spending time with hardware. In addition, they were able to transit from a CAPEX cost model to an OPEX cost model that aligned better with their SaaS model.

Shift Risk is now able to onboard more customers significantly faster than they could by using their in-house solution. Also, on AWS, they can quickly scale their production stack as dynamically as their workloads scale. For example, Shift Risk can now easily increase their storage footprint and compute footprint utilizing AWS’s highly scalable features.

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