ShiftRisk shifts AWS SES service - Automates email and achieves effective email delivery.

Network Techlab Cloud Solution team deploys AWS SES service in Shiftrisk, reduced the burden of tedious email tasks and helps in automation.



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Shift Risk Insurance Brokers Limited, formerly known as Opal Insurance Brokers Limited, has been dedicatedly to serving companies and individuals to protect themselves from the adversities of personal and work life. With over 97000+ policies sold, ShiftRisk has been growing steadily within the insurance domain for more than 10 years. ShiftRisk’s journey began as a corporate agent in the year 2008 and then after August 2016, they established themselves as a company.


Before migrating to Amazon SES Shiftrisk was using in-house solutions using Gmail and another service provider. This was complex in nature for the bulk email delivery as well as command-based email delivery. Shiftrisk wanted to optimize on the email delivery process and reduce the manual intervention required in the transactional and promotional email delivery.

Another challenge was analyzing email delivery results after sending emails to customer. As company deals with 90000+ customers it becomes important to segment them as per their product interest, demographics and other required segmentation. They were not able to do this in the earlier solution they were using.


In order to provide a solution Customer needs to create an access and success key, thanks to the Amazon IAM service that easily allows us to do the same. We requested to create a dedicated pool of IP addresses as per their email needs transaction and promotional so that they reduce the risk of unsolicited email.

After the creation of the domain, we verified the same as per the AWS SNS Service and configured it with a mail bluster to validate the domain. Mailbluster is a third-party application that provides a facility to construct the email message, segment audience data and create various templates based on the user need. It also gives you the facility to schedule emails as per your desired time and other conditions.


In order to use the configured service Shiftrisk tried using this and they found this is a simple and easy-to-use mechanism to deliver their transactional as well as promotional emails. They started using this and currently utilize more than 1000 emails at one stretch to deliver the message. They can now check the delivery of the emails, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate and click rate. This helps them in making better strategies for marketing and communication purposes. They are now able to retarget their existing customer based on the preferences and other insights available to them.

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