A Glance Through NTIPL’S Activities

Modern applications are complex, interconnected networks of bare metal servers, virtual machines and containers, hosted on-premises in data centers and in public cloud environments.

Today, organizations have changed the way they work over the last 15 years. Powerful mobile devices have taken massive growth. This is helping users to access high-speed internet almost anywhere.

The pandemic has driven the whole world to the confines of their homes which not only devastated life as humans knew for a long time but also made it difficult for businesses to remain afloat.

Air condition usually associated with server rooms or data centers where the temperature and humidity of air shall be controlled and automatically updated to be kept cooler. 

Organizations are frequently engaging with their workforce and workstations due to huge exposure of Business activities. Increasing in number of outputs and workflow tends to generate large revenue to the Businesses.

Organizations and Commercial Sectors demands more advanced technologies and services from all over the service providers and dealers.

Digital displays are essentially flat panel screens that rely on different technologies to present multimedia content to an audience. Digital displays use technologies such as LCDLEDprojection and e-paper to display digital imagesvideoweb pages, weather data, restaurant menus, or text.

NTIPL Everywhere

Some real IT infra cases where NTIPL successfully served their esteemed customers with customised Solutions

The Company is in technology domain and a global information technology company. Leader in the Software as a Service (SAAS) application solutions, managed services and building products for law enforcement, sales, human resources etc.

The Company is in Manufacturing and Supplying lab testing equipment and has been a trusted leader in optical and physical optical instruments. The company produces sounding rocket boards, satellites and planetary rovers.

A construction builder incorporated in 2002, one of the top most builders for undertaking constructions of buildings, various other architects etc.

Ascent is a pharma supply-chain company focused at improving the accessibility to and affordability to make healthcare sector more effective and efficient.

NTIPL’s Webinar

The outbreak has given many business a wake up. Rebooting the LED components with Source Strategy and Solution. This webinar sheds light on the possibilities and the positive outlook toward business.

NTIPL’s New Associations

We are extremely delighted and excited to announce that Network Techlab (I) Pvt Ltd has subsequently partnered with Zoom. Now Make Seminars, Video Conferences, Board Meetings with over a powerful meeting platform.

New Products and Solutions

Network Techlab is providing SOC Services using aiSIEM

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