Amazon WorkMail – Efficient way to handle your Business Emails

Amazon WorkMail – Efficient way to handle your Business Emails

Today, organizations have changed the way they work over the last 15 years. Powerful mobile devices have taken massive growth. This is helping users to access high-speed internet almost anywhere.

We all are no longer a part of the traditional office environment to get work done. We are constantly available with much of flexibility to balance professional and personal life. Collaborations with people from anywhere has become easy with the most advanced collaborations work environments. We are accessing apps every day and we still have a long way to go.

Business Productivity has been increased drastically with modern teams who have adopted the new ways of business. Email is an important part of our everyday’s job, but providing emails for users can be expensive and complex at the same time. Today in our blog post we going to discuss about Amazon Workmail, which helps you deliver secure, managed business and calendar service that supports desktop and mobile email client applications.

Amazon WorkMail is a secure, managed business email and calendar service with support for existing desktop and mobile email client applications. We can also set up interoperability with Microsoft Exchange Server, and programmatically manage users, groups, and resources using the Amazon WorkMail SDK.

Amazon WorkMail is a managed email and calendaring service with strong security controls and support for existing desktop and mobile email clients. You can access your email, contacts, and calendars wherever you use Microsoft Outlook, your browser, or your iOS and Android mobile devices.

Why Amazon Wokmail is best when it comes to Email Workflow?

A. Ubiquitous Access

Users can synchronize their mailboxes with iOS, Android, Amazon fire, and Windows Phone devices. If you are migrating from an on-premises Microsoft Exchange server. Users’ mobile devices will automatically hook up with Amazon WorkMail with no end-user reconfiguration needed, and no modification in user expertise. A feature-rich net consumer is additionally offered for users to access their email, calendar, and contacts.

B. Enterprise-Grade Security

Amazon WorkMail automatically encrypts all of your data at rest with cryptography keys management, using the AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Amazon WorkMail additionally permits you to retain full management over data neighborhood by selecting the AWS region wherever all of your data is kept.

C. Outlook Compatible

Amazon WorkMail provides native support for Microsoft Outlook on each Windows and Mac OS X. Therefore users will still use the e-mail consumer they’re already using while not having to put in any further software system, like plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook.

D. Managed Service

Amazon WorkMail makes it simple to manage the infrastructure of the company. In addition, email infrastructure and eliminates the necessity for up-front investments to license and provision on-premises email servers. There’s no advanced software system to put in or maintain.Moreover, there is no hardware to manage. AWS WorkMail handles all of the patches, back-ups, and upgrades without any external help.

E. Active Directory Integration

AWS WorkMail firmly integrates together with your existing Microsoft Active Directory in order that users will access their mailbox using their existing information. This makes it simple to manage users and teams with provided systems management tools, which include Active Directory Users and Computers.

F. Economical

Amazon WorkMail options easy, low, monthly per-user valuation and price $4 per user per month which has 50GB of storage per user.

Functions of Amazon WorkMail

  • Enterprise grade Security.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft outlook.
  • Active Directory Integration.
  • Administrative SDK.
  • IMAP Protocol Support.
  • Interoperability with Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Feature rich web client.
  • Remote Management.
  • Large storage for Mailboxes.
  • Protection against Spam and viruses.

So, the Amazon Workmail removes the burden of hardware and software maintenance as the complete functions are managed by the Workmail. WorkMail handles all of the patches, back-ups, and software upgrades.

AWS Console helps to manage the functions too and provides an overall better experience. Amazon has also collaborated with some of the email migration firms which make it easier to transfer the emails to AWS WorMail.

These solutions can be migrated from Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Server, Google Apps for Work, IMAP and POP to email, meetings, contacts, and notes. If you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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