Things to consider while choosing a cloud solution provider

Things to consider while choosing a cloud solution provider

Cloud computing used to be a fancy term that was reserved for multinational corporations but that is not the case anymore.

To put things into perspective, currently, the global market value of the cloud computing industry stands at $371 billion. Experts believe that the global value of the cloud computing sector will surpass $832 billion by the end of the year 2025.

Cloud Solution providers – what do they do and how do they help businesses?

A Cloud Solution Provider or CSP is a firm that offers cloud-based infrastructure, network solutions, and software applications to businesses of all sizes and ages from all sectors of the global economy.

By partnering up with a CSP, entrepreneurs can use the data generated by their ventures and unlock their true potential. A CSP can also help an enterprise shun its traditional onsite IT infrastructure and migrate to the cloud. Migrating to a cloud-based IT infrastructure allows enterprises to prepare for uncertainties with the help of solutions like –

  • Cloud hosting services
  • Virtual servers
  • Data infrastructure outsourcing solutions and more.

The abovementioned solutions can help businesses to increase their efficiency, productivity and reach all the while reducing overhead costs by many folds.

When a business does need a cloud service provider?

Entrepreneurs who want to increase the –

  • Capacity
  • Productivity
  • Functionality
  • Scalability all the while reducing overhead costs tends to partner up with a CSP.

Furthermore, businesses that work with CSPs tend to enjoy better data security and are more prepared against downtimes resulting from natural disasters, human errors and cyber attacks.

8 Things to consider while choosing cloud services for your business

There are countless providers of cloud solutions and cloud backup services in Mumbai. Hence, choosing the right CSP might be a complex process. But the same can be made seamless when one considers the following things while choosing a provider of cloud services for their business.

Certifications & Standard Procedures

Choose cloud service providers that comply with nationally and internationally recognised business standards. Furthermore, the ideal CSP would have relevant quality frameworks in place that would enable them to align their services with best practices followed in the sector.

Technologies & Service Roadmap

The right provider of cloud backup for business in Mumbai or in any location for that matter would have platforms and technologies that would align with the requirements of its clients. Furthermore, the ideal CSP would readily explain to its clients how they want to include innovation in the mix so that it can improve its services over time.

Data Security, Data Governance and Business policies

The ideal providers of cloud assessment services in Mumbai and the rest of the world would give their clients the choice and complete control over the locations in which their data will be stored, managed and processed. The ideal CSP would also be transparent about the locations of its data centres. The ideal CSP would also ensure that its data governance policies are also readily accessible to its clients. For the best results, it is best to avail the cloud services of a CSP that has ISO 27000 series certifications.

Service Deliverables & Partnerships

The ideal CSP would have what it takes to support multivendor environments. To back their claims, appropriate (and live) examples would readily be made available to the client. For the best results, entrepreneurs should shun CSPs who outsource their work to subcontractors with questionable backgrounds.

Contracts, Commercials & SLAs

Avoid CSPs who formulate a contract that lacks industry standards.

The ideal CSP would offer their services at reasonable rates. Furthermore, the best CSP would ensure that it has the capacity to offer its clients bespoke quotes and scalable services.

The best CSP would ensure that its SLAs are free from unnecessarily complicated or misleading language. The best SLAs are those that inform the client how service issues will be identified and resolved along with information about how the client will be compensated in case downtimes results in losses for the client.

Reliability & Performance

It is best to choose a CSP that has performed impressively in the last year.

The ideal CSP would showcase its track-proven and well-documented processes that they have put together to deal with planned and unplanned downtimes.

The best cloud service provider would have bespoke and high-performance disaster recovery provisions that would prioritise parameters like –

  • The criticalness of data
  • The sources of data
  • Scheduling of important data management processes like backups, restores, integrity checks, and the like.

Migration Support, Vendor Lock-in & Exit Planning

Vendor lock-in is a technical term for situations where a client cannot leave its current service provider and migrate to the rival of the service provider. Avoid CSPs that lock in their customers by using proprietary technology. For the best results, it is ideal to choose a CSP that supports client migration choices and has pertinent terms and conditions in their contracts that support the decisions of their clients to the fullest.

Business Status & Company profile

Choose a CSP with a proven track record and a stellar online as well as offline reputation for the best results. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to look at the overall history of the CSPs management by looking up their LinkedIn profiles as they hold critical performance and corporate governance details.


Cloud solutions are a necessity for SMEs and MNCs these days especially when entrepreneurs want to future-proof their ventures. In case the reader of this post is an entrepreneur and has been looking for a veteran cloud solution provider then they should contact Network Techlab India Private Limited – the leader in the sector since 1996. NTIPL has been helping out businesses from all sectors with its quality-assured and reliable cloud solutions like domain hosting, disaster recovery solutions, virtual servers, cloud storage and cloud computing for more than two decades. NTIPL is ISO 27001:2013 certified and has a stellar reputation as a cloud solutions provider. To learn more, send an email to or call +91-8879004536.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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