Barcode Scanners and Printers

The barcode is a technological marvel that came into existence more than seventy years ago. Although the applications of barcodes in the early days were limited, these days, one can find a barcode in anything and everything they have in their home or workplace.

What is a barcode?

A barcode is a collection of vertical black lines with different thicknesses and heights that are arranged either in a square or rectangular shape. A barcode also contains a series of numbers at the bottom of the vertical lines. All of the lines and the numbers act as a form of data that helps one to identify products and their respective specifications.

How are barcodes read?

Barcodes are read by computers that are linked to barcode scanners. The barcode scanners scan a barcode and the information is then sent to a computer which in turn extracts the information from the barcodes of products.

Why do businesses heavily rely on barcodes these days?

As per the professional opinion of a spokesperson associated with a leading provider of Canon printers on rent in Mumbai, businesses these days rely heavily on barcodes due to the following reasons.

  • With the help of barcodes, businesses can eliminate the arduous process of manually entering product information when consignments arrive at the receiving terminal(s) of warehouses.
  • Barcodes help remove the slightest chance of erroneous product information entries in the master database of inventories.
  • Barcodes help automate inventory updates thus allowing a business to keep tabs on products that are selling well.
  • Using barcodes is a great way to enhance a brand’s customer service.

Benefits of renting barcode scanners and printers

A spokesperson for a leading scanner solutions provider in Mumbai highlighted the following benefits of renting barcode scanners and printers.

  • Just like any other commercial equipment, barcode scanners and the small printers they use need periodic preventative maintenance. One might think that the cost of maintaining barcode scanners and barcode printers is cheap but that is not the case. Hence, to keep overhead costs down, it is best to rent barcode scanners and barcode printers instead of purchasing the same.
  • The lead marketing head of a revered Canon dealer in Mumbai dealing in the sales and rental services of barcode printers also points out that renting barcode scanners and barcode printers allows an entrepreneur to test multiple pieces of equipment from different brands in a bid to choose the one that suits their needs and budget.
  • The most obvious reason why entrepreneurs prefer renting barcode scanners and barcode printers is that renting equipment is cheaper than buying commercial equipment. It is as simple as that!

Which is the best barcode scanner and printer rental service provider in Mumbai?

For more than two decades, Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. has been providing the latest barcode scanners made by Zebra as well as Honeywell and Canon printers on rent to small, medium and large-scale enterprises across Mumbai. Network Techlab (I) Pvt. Ltd. also offers barcode scanners and printers for sale to corporate enterprises and individuals looking to purchase document management solutions in bulk quantities.

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