Face Recognition Solution – A New Age Biometric

Face Recognition Solution – A New Age Biometric

The pandemic has driven the whole world to the confines of their homes which not only devastated life as humans knew for a long time but also made it difficult for businesses to remain afloat. In this context, if businesses plan on reopening then business owners would need to retrofit their establishments with automation solutions that can minimise the spread of germs. One such office automation solution is the implementation of a face recognition based attendance system in the workplace.

Applications of Face Recognition Solution

Modern range of face recognition based attendance systems find extensive application in the following places of work –

  • Corporate offices
  • Manufacturing units
  • Government organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Construction sites and more.

Benefits of the Face Recognition Solution

Biometric attendance systems – the so-called office automation system has already fallen out of favour as these will not only make it hard for you to control the spread of germs in your office but also these systems are not that efficient.

Face recognition based attendance systems on the other hand are safe since there is no ‘touch’ based biometric interface as the attendance will be recorded automatically when the employee walks in the premises.

Their face will act like their biometric signature and as they walk into the office building, the surveillance cameras will send the biometric signature to the facial recognition based attendance system thus recording the arrival of the employee.

Furthermore, since these systems will be backed by cloud and AI, they will also boast enhanced security and speed. Other benefits of using modern-day face recognition attendance systems are as follows –

  • They will ensure attendance record-keeping becomes an easy affair.
  • The installation time needed for these systems is pretty small.
  • These systems are known for their security, easy management and scalability.

Face Recognition Solution Features That Makes Them Indispensable

Modern-day office automation solutions like the face recognition attendance system come packed with tons of cool features. Some of the most interesting and beneficial ones are mentioned in the sections below –

Deep Learning Technology

When you hire a revered company to install a face recognition attendance system in Mumbai or in other offices you own across India, you will be benefitting from the deep learning technology that comes bundled with these systems. In simple words, the current generation of face recognition attendance systems is backed by Artificial Intelligence. The benefit of this is that the system will do its job with minimal assistance from your security team. This is office automation 101 – don’t you agree!?

Higher Accuracy

Modern face recognition solutions can work in collaboration with surveillance system as well as access control system installed in your place of business. Hence, recognising your employees from the rest of the visitors inside your office building will be a seamless affair. The system ensures the employee attendance count accuracy factor remains high throughout the lifespan of the system.

API Ready Device

All modern face attendance systems come with advanced APIs or Application Programming Interfaces that allow the same to communicate seamlessly with the surveillance systems as well as the Access Control Systems installed in your place of business thus making your establishment more secure from internal as well as external threats.

Future Ready Connectivity

By implementing a face attendance system in Mumbai or in any other city in India, you are making your business future-ready as these systems are highly scalable and will not need a lot of financial investments from your end if you plan on upgrading or downgrading the system in the near future.

Location Tracking Features

Thanks to the deep learning abilities of modern-day facial recognition attendance solutions, you will also be able to track the location of your employees within the premises of your organisation thus minimising procrastination and wasted work hours.

Access Control Interfaces

The interfaces that come with modern-day cloud based facial recognition attendance systems also offer access control interfaces that allow you to keep your assets and inventories safe without investing a single dime on traditional locking mechanisms.


NTIPL is a face recognition solution provider based in Mumbai. The company has been offering office automation solutions for the last 25 + years. They have the capabilities to design complete face recognition solutions for offices, factories and places of commercial importance so that seamless contactless authentication of visitors and employees is made possible where social distancing has become the norm, face recognition based attendance system could be a blessings. Network Techlab has legacy experience when it comes to office automation solutions like face recognition attendance solutions as the company has its own dedicated business unit for Physical Security and Infra Solutions and have team of experts, engineers and technical personnel.This makes them a trustworthy provider of face recognition solution provider in Mumbai and all leading metro cities across India. For more details, feel free to get in touch with them by sending an email at – or by calling them at 022 6681 4141.

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