Secure your printing, reporting and document output with uniFLOW software solutions

Secure your printing, reporting and document output with uniFLOW software solutions


Organizations are frequently engaging with their workforce and workstations due to huge exposure of Business activities. Increasing in number of outputs and workflow tends to generate large revenue to the Businesses. Such huge outputs require extensive yet cost optimizing solutions to their working structure which can facilitate them with smooth functioning and could save their time. One of the kind of software developed by Canon, called uniFLOW. This helps and offers symmetrical document and printing activities in the organization. uniFLOW is a trending software which encompasses next level Business sensibility by routing systems, tracing contents, helps mobile printing, document capture retrieve and many more etc. Subsequently, in this Blog we will learn more about its features and beneficiaries to the Business.

What is uniFLOW? How it can relate to the Business printing & documents activities..

uniFLOW is a software platform designed to bring the full value of multi-functional devices to the organization. The modular structure of uniFLOW and the tight integration with Canon hardware allows the system to be built depending on the organization’s prompt requirements.

Comprehensive features

1. Intelligent routing System
2. Secure Printing
3. Print Accounting
4. Content Tracing
5. Mobile Prints
6. Document capture & Workflow

How uniFLOW can help your Businesses in documents & printing?

1. Primarily helps to save the Environment
2. It helps in increasing Productivity
3. Intact with extensive features
4. Increases Security
5. Facilitates reduction of Cost.

Network Techlab (I) Pvt Ltd stands at the valid requirements of wide range of consumers by offering and providing them with extensive IT technology solutions. The very new uniFLOW software for Businesses can help to accommodate and facilitate smooth workflow of documents and printing management in the organization that can turn out in huge outflow of productivity. We also offers prime services with the solutions and help the Business to make expansion in their activities.

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