Green Energy

The products that are the
key components of this solution are:
1. On Grid Solar.
2. Off- grid Solar.
3. Solar Inverter.
4. Solar Street Light
5. Solar Panels.
6. Solar Battery

With alternative energy becoming the standard torch bearer in the current energy race, solar power energy is one of the integral parts of the sustainable development of the industry.

We at NTIPL posses an in-house team which is well versed in the end to end solutions which include processes such as designing, engineering, procurement, construction, after sales maintainence and monitoring.

The most powerful energy source available on earth is sun. The energy from the sun is collected by the solar panels which consists of solar cells which convert solar light into electricity. Those are called Photo-voltaic cells.

A large portion of the solar energy comes from the solar panels installed on the house terraces and office buildings. This is a very efficient way of ensuring that the natural resources are not depleted at the astronomical rate at which they are currently doing.

Key Features:

  1. It’s Free: Solar energy systems allows you to capture the sunlight, which is available in abundance and is absolutely free. The sunlight can then be converted into usable energy to power domestic/Industrial needs.
  2. It’s clean: Solar Panels do not emit any harmful green house gases or causes air pollution or acid rain formation unlike in the case of fossil fuels.
  3. It’s infinite: While renewable energy sources like coal, oil and gas are becoming increasingly scarce, the sun’s energy is limitless. Whenever sun shines, electricity can be generated and it can be stored as well to be used during night time.

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