Off-Grid Solar Systems

An Off-grid system is not connected to the electricity grid and therefore requires battery storage. This system must be designed appropriately to generate enough power throughout the year and have sufficient battery capacity to meet the requirements, even in the depths of winter when there is less sunlight.

Working and Schematic Representation

The off-grid solar system work as per the below steps:

  • The Solar Photovoltaic system is not connected to the utility grid and you are producing your own electricity via solar
  • These systems will generally have a battery bank in order to store the electricity for use when needed
  • When the grid goes down, instead of shutting off completely; the system switches to an alternate inverter, which is designed to interact with a battery bank, letting you run household loads off the battery bank and charge them with the Solar panels
Off-Grid Solar Systems Schematic Diagram

After Sales Service and Support From NTIPL:

  • Solar Batteries
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Inverters
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Mounting Structure
  • AC Distribution Box / DC Distribution Box
  • Earthing
  • Lightning Arrestor (Optional)
  • Complete Installation

Key Applications:

The off-grid solar system are prominently used in the area like:

  • Remote locations
  • Locations with no grid power supply

NTIPL is the best service and support provider of off-grid solar systems with quality onsite support, branded equipments and complete installation of the project.

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