On-Grid Solar Systems

It is the process of Solar Power Generation in coordination with the utility grid where the produced electricity is routed to the grid from where it is used to run the various appliances.

Working and Schematic Representation

In an On-grid system, when the electricity reaches the switchboard below are actionable activities:

  • The Meter: Excess solar energy runs through the meter that calculates how much power is either exported or imported
  • The Electricity Grid: Electricity that is sent to the grid from the solar system that can then be used by other consumers on the grid. When your solar system is not operating or you are using more electricity than your system is producing; you will start importing or consuming electricity from the grid.
Working of On-Grid Solar Systems

After Sales Service and Support From NTIPL:

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Inverters
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Mounting Structure
  • AC Distribution Box / DC Distribution Box
  • Earthing
  • Lightning Arrestor (Optional)
  • Complete Installation

Key Applications:

The on-grid solar system are prominently used in the area like:

  • Metro cities
  • AB grade cities
  • Locations with lesser Power Outages

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