Guide to protect your organization from sophisticated attack environment.

Guide to protect your organization from sophisticated attack environment.

Cyber security is one of the top business challenges faced today by most organizations. According to a survey done by a top IT Services Company, 68% of business leaders highlight that cyber security risks are increasing.

Organizations simply cannot ignore cyber security concerns as its most expensive mistakes led to a 72% increase in the average cost of cybercrime over the past 5 years.

Cyber security risks can be minimized with framework design and deploying correct cyber security solutions at the right point. But how do you make sure that your organization can stay strong in the competitive threat environment?

In this blog today we are going to discuss cyber security framework that could help your organization secure from cyber-attacks.

Using Anti-ransomware software to protect your Business

As per the collective opinion of experts associated with companies offering security assessment services in Mumbai, anti-ransomware software comes with a lot of benefits.

Anti-ransomware software blocks infected files when they are unknowingly downloaded or streamed thanks to the real-time protection this category of software offers.

Anti-ransomware software also detects and blocks ransomware by subjecting all the terminals in your place of business to background scans so that your business is protected from both localised as well as remote ransomware attacks.

Investing and Educating in Best Endpoints

You would need to make sure that your workforce is trained to secure business-critical data by implementing the best practices mentioned below –

They must make sure that the terminals assigned to them are running on updated security and OS patches.

They must look out for compromised terminals and take measures as soon as they identify a compromised node so that the same cannot infect the whole IT infrastructure of your business.

They must not click on links or open encrypted attachments sent to their terminal from suspicious points of origin.

They should not connect the terminals in your place of business to devices that are unauthorised such as their personal cellular devices or portable storage devices.

They must make sure that the company email server is properly configured so that all suspicious emails are contained or removed before they can release their threat payload.

Network Techlab is working with a Cyber security domain for last 20 years and has been partnered with world leaders like Paloalto Networks, Aruba, Sonicwall, Accops and many more. This enables them to deliver a complete solution for your organization that can deliver Visibility, Detect and Protect.

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