Data Breach is Devasting. Learn how to control your brand reputation

Data Breach is Devasting. Learn how to control your brand reputation

Building a Brand isn’t easy. It takes a lot of years to build a brand that defines customer loyalty…


Data Breach is Devasting. Learn how to control your brand reputation by preventing cyberattacks

With increased ransomware attacks and sophisticated attack techniques of cyber criminals, we should be very very serious and must look closer to cybersecurity as a part of our business.

Mobile device access, cloud adoption and third-party integrations with company datacentre have opened a new gate of vulnerabilities that is targeted towards money against business-sensitive information. Today, almost every organization is associated with small creative agencies for their marketing-related needs. This also means that cyber attackers moving their shift toward small and medium-scale businesses that are constantly in touch with enterprise brands and corporates. Hacking and sensitive business information can be stolen and business remains with a choice of either reputation extortion or paying money against the stolen information.

“Brand image can be destroyed overnight and this would restrict the company’s future business,” says Mr. Prasad Pimple, Technology Evangelist and Head of Cybersecurity Business at Network Techlab

In short, when it comes to cybercrime, it does not happen overnight. It is been observed by cyber criminals, Companies who not really concerned about their cyber security. These companies are on the top lists of attackers. This can be easily traced in the visibility solution that we provide at Network Techlab says Mr. Darshil Sanghvi.

“Small and medium-size organizations are especially vulnerable because cybercriminals know smaller-scale operations do not have competent resources and processes to combat these attacks,” says Mr. Prasad Pimple.

Here are things that you need to know, before dealing with a cyber-attack.

Phishing: This is a common cybercrime where the cybercriminal sends an email with an attachment that, when clicked, downloads malware onto the computer system.


Business email compromise: “This involves a cybercriminal hacking into the company’s network to review business email. Based upon determining who handles the company’s financial transactions, the cybercriminal will impersonate a vendor awaiting payment and provide false wiring instructions. Having cyber protocols in place that govern how money is paid based on email requests can prevent the company from becoming a victim.


Cyber security expert team suggests a Detect, Protect and Repeat approach for this and explains about enterprise cyber security solution of Network Techlab.


Enterprise Security :

The threat landscape has evolved to a level of sophistication that it can cross all traditional endpoint protection, sophisticated attacks that utilize multiple legitimate applications and processes that are more common, which can be hard to detect and requires visibility to correlate behavior.

Enterprise security is safer, more secure and comes from leaders in the security markets that deliver tightly integrated innovations and comprehensive protection.

Network Techlab is working with a Cyber security domain for last 20 years and has been partnered with world leaders like Paloalto Networks, Aruba, Sonicwall, Accops and many more. This enables them to deliver a complete solution for your organization that can deliver Visibility, Detect and Protect.


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