NOVEC 1230 based Fire Suppression: A must need for every Business-fire extinguisher

NOVEC 1230 based Fire Suppression: A must need for every Business-fire extinguisher

Fire Suppression –

Fire Suppression Systems are basically powder infused cylinders that are primarily used to prevent the fire occurrence which causes due to unwanted situations like fire spread, gas leakages, over heating of Data centers, electrical short circuit, wire damage etc. Fire suppression are the prompt service for Fire Extinguishers in every organization. Requirements of fire suppression is a must as a major part of Data Centers, Telecom Rooms, UPS rooms, Servers, etc.

What is Novec 1230 based Fire Suppression & how does it work/ used?

Collectively Novec 1230 is a synthetic / chemical fire suppression gas agent. Its a waterless fire suppressant and it extinguishes fire by removing the radicals / heat element of the fire emission. The concentration of this chemicalized fire suppression is between 5.3% to 5.6% of the room volume. In its natural state of matter, it looks & feel like water, and is a non-conductive liquid that has prominent characteristics. Novec 1230 heats at 48* C and vapors in the fire suppression when it is released. As explained, Novec 1230 is a highly classified clean agent which is totally safe to use within the occupied areas. It does not reduce oxygen level and also discharges less concentration of volume.

Benefits of Novec 1230 based fire suppression

* It prevents Ozone depletion, thus helps in protecting environment & is eco-friendly.

* It has the lowest atmospheric life of 5 days, thus it is less effective in harming nature & burning of greenhouse gases.

* It has a Global warming potential of 1.

* It has the greatest margin of safety, in use.

* Novec 1230 is highly sustainable & long term in nature.

* As the Novec 1230 is lower in concentration, it requires less cylinders & spacing making it one of the most convenient product to be used for organizations.

Application / Usage of Novec 1230 fire suppression

Following are the primary sectors / areas where Novec 1230 are applied namely –

*Data Centers

*Communication Rooms

*Telecommunication facilities

*UPS & Server Rooms

*Medical & Administration facilities

Fire suppression provided with Novec 1230 offers both pre-engineered services, which does not require pipes and engineered designed systems for its applications. Installation is highly modernized & requires less efficiency. We offers hassle free services of Fire suppression.& also provide quotations with periodical responds and prompt coordination.

We are promised to deliver the utmost Fire suppression product services to our wide variety of Consumers & Organizations. Feel free to reach out to us on the phone or email address given below. Your responses will be highly prioritized and appreciated.


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