Worried about your printing services?

Worried about your printing services?

Worried about your printing services? Be assured & get your proper billing period wise using total guarantee agreement

Even if the CEO of an enterprise is witnessing that their clients are coming back for repeat business, it is always a good idea for both parties that the service provider offers the terms of the transaction in writing in the form of Total Guarantee agreements.

Investing in managed print solutions in Mumbai offered by revered service providers is the best way to offer seamless and quick TG agreements to clients whenever they engage with a brand and subscribes to its services or buys its products.

Investing in managed print services in Mumbai offered by reputed service providers in a bid to keep proper billing systems intact by relying on TG agreements can help a business manager steer clear from miscommunications with their clients.

TG agreements can also help business managers strengthen their professional relationships with their clients. Furthermore, it also helps business managers steer clear from financial binds by allowing them to better manage their finances and corporate relationships.

What is TG?

TG is the abbreviated form for Total guarantee. TG agreements are inked between sellers and buyers especially when the object of the transaction is a machine like a printer.

Total Guarantee agreements are applicable on printers that are sold or offered to a client by a service provider on rent. TG agreements for such transactions come with clauses like clearance of dues on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

How TG is beneficial for a business?

According to print management companies in Mumbai like Network Techlab, total Guarantee billing has many benefits.

Some of them are enunciated in the sections below –

  • TG agreements help in the maintenance of systematic AMC for businesses of all sizes, ages and sectors.
  • TG agreements help in the minimisation of upfront costs associated with the renting of printers.
  • TG agreements also help in the reduction of visiting charges.
  • TG agreements help in the formulation of billing as per the frequency of usage thus allowing the clients to enjoy scalable services.
  • Revered managed print service providers in Mumbai who offer TG agreements as part of their services would install automated counter reading software on the printers they hand out to their clients on rent thus allowing both parties to keep tabs on printer usage.
  • TG agreements help in the reduction of paper wastage as it allows effective billing
  • TG agreements help in the reduction of third party interventions.

Sectors where TG billing is done on a periodical basis

According to the spokesperson of a revered enterprise that offers Canon managed print services, brands and businesses that prioritise TG billing enjoy better returns on investment in the form of repeat business transactions, brand loyalty and enhanced market reputation.

Furthermore, the practice of implementing TG billing in every business transaction, irrespective of the order size, helps a brand to successfully establish itself as a customer-centric organization.

With that stated, the sectors where TG billing is done periodically are as follows –

  • Education sector
  • Healthcare sector
  • Publishing houses
  • Stationery stores
  • Law firms
  • Judiciary offices
  • Railway offices on railway platforms
  • Corporate offices
  • Manufacturing sector, etc.


TG billing is one of the easiest ways to boost the performance of an enterprise. The trick is to hire a revered provider of managed print services. In case you are looking for a firm that offers quality assured and reasonably priced managed print services in Mumbai then choose Network Techlab. It is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company that has been operating as one of the top IT service providers in Mumbai for more than 25 years. For more details about their managed print services in Mumbai, feel free to call 022 6681 4141 or send an email at

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