How Power Quality Analysis saves electrical system from hazards

How Power Quality Analysis saves electrical system from hazards


Today, perhaps organizations think that they don’t need periodic services for their solutions. But they are neglecting very severe concern about their products. Knowing the fact that neglect like improper AMC, untimely execution, root cause analysis, replacement, monitoring & testing etc. can lead to critical situations like system failure or downtime.

With intervention of Power Quality Analysis, you can save up to 70% of your downtime, error of neglecting and bad effects to your system & applications. By increasing the efficiency of analysis, we get a complete relief for our products to make it perform even healthier, better and convalescent.


What is Power Quality Analysis & how does it work?

Power Quality Analysis is a method or a strategy to perform an in-depth analysis of your electrical application or equipment. It is a process that determines the overall safety and efficiency of a building structure or any power supply in it. This process determines and indicates the power quality by analyzing both power flow and related factors such as grounding and harmonics, power factor, neutral current, power consumption.

Other major parameters which are covered are displacement factor, total harmonic distortion factor & transients recording.


How Power Quality Analysis can save you from severe electrical impacts?

In electrical term, Power quality analysis is a critical part of ensuring that your equipment, application is running safely and efficiently. We can see often, many users conduct this methodology as part of a regular plant testing routine, but some of them only request the issue only when the problem is detected with system. But we should know that delay or neglect in the decision especially in the critical activities can turn hazard to our live, properties and assets. Hence, a periodical testing needs to be done subsequently.
The main reason for conducting this electrical service is to identify the problem before it occurs with the critical system or load, which may turn to downtime or power crunch and can cause huge loss of monetary expense to the Business.

Exclusive Features

  • Maximum demand controller
  • Display meter.
  • Unbalance – v, i, w
  • Power & energy
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Sags and Swells Analysis
  • Power and Energy Analysis
  • Decreases maintenance costs
  • Transient Inrush Current Analysis
  • Mains Monitoring and Mains Analysis
  • Identifies wiring and grounding improvements
  • Reduces economic effects of poor power quality
  • Solves process disruptions due to power disturbances
  • Recognizes disturbances originating with the electric utility
  • The Analysis of Power Factor, Current, Voltage, Energy (KWH), etc. Panel Mounted Display Meter is used for such analysis.

Choose Network Techlab for Power Quality Analysis of your Organization

During a power quality analysis session, our qualified staff, using state-of-the-art technology, can diagnose the many different types of power problems you may be experiencing. The types of problems we regularly encounter and correct include:

* Voltage sags and surges,

* Momentary power interruptions,

* Extended power interruptions,

* Harmonic distortion,

* Ground loops,

* High speed transients,

* Electrical noise,

* Lightning damage or lack of preparedness.

We use industry approved power analyser, electrical kits and distinct equipment to determine whether a given power source is performing according to electrical standards or not. And whatever the results come out after proper analysis, our team will suggest way of improving the same.


Perform & Conduct Power Quality Analysis everywhere :-

Where you have electricity unit, powerhouse or any distribution board, or any of the electrical equipment, applications installed everywhere the power quality analysis performance is done on the occasional or periodical basis.

If we can bifurcate it in a precise way, good power quality is extremely important in “high-tech” function areas such as data centres, hospitals, and manufacturing plants, as well as in “low-tech” facilities such as government buildings and commercial enterprises with limited tolerance for electrical disturbances.


Process of Power Quality Analysis :-

To get your own power quality analysis done for critical application or electrical equipment, there are certain procedure/ plan needs to implement to make it perform excellent over the system.

  1. Program start-up & orientation (site)
    On-site Assessment (site)
    3. Data collection from various locations (Site)
    4. Analysis Report Preparation (Office)
    5. Submission & Presentation of report, (Site)
    6. Presentation of products & solutions along with application Guide & Notes (Site/office).


To conclude :-

Power Quality Analysis in electrical systems is essential for tracking electric flow, current passage, structured cabling, equipment/application interlink or detached and more. Remote monitoring and analysis facilitate to improve troubleshooting and make predictive maintenance easier to implement. As a result, you can achieve energy efficiency goals while maintaining occupant comfort and able to maintain high level of energy system.


Want to know how Power Quality Analysis can enhance your electrical equipment & business operations? Talk to our experts today!


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