Make Your Business Meetings More Flexible

Make Your Business Meetings More Flexible

In the current era of technological advanced solutions & services, generally all the sectors of communication & interaction have the platform to deliver & debate over a subjective topic. We often see in the world of telecommunication today, there is a growing demand of high interactive solutions that can manage the meetings, conferences, educational learnings, etc..

Hence, with upgrading technology, the Businesses has come up with a concept of Interactive Display, that can effectively manage & serve as the point of contact that enable communication, live video experience & interrogation amongst people.

Interactive Display solutions offers you multi-benefits like smooth operating system, high end connectivity (USB, HDMI), excellent shatterproof connection, Immersive touch experience & flexible touchscreen with pen interaction.

In this blog, we will take you through the journey of extensive importance & multi way of using Interactive Display solution for your Business.

What term identifies Interactive Display?

An Interactive Display is a large format touchscreen display ideal for meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. It is a replacement for clunky or outdated projector technology with a higher-quality display, enhanced connectivity, and built-in software solutions.
Interactive Displays allow you to run your meetings and presentations with the freedom and convenience your team needs to do their best work.

Here are  user-friendly features to leverage with Interactive Display Solutions.

  1. Elongated Screen size panel – 75 inches & 85 inches
  2. Processor type New Edge upto
  3. Landscape resolution of 3840 X 2160
  4. Contrast ratio of 4000:1 (without glass)
  5. Display color 7 M.
  6. Quick response time of 6ms
  7. Crystal clear brightness of 350 cd (without glass)

How Interactive Display can  benefit to your Business?

  1. Smooth operating system.
  2. User friendly features with prompt updates.
  3. Connectivity with HDMI support & USB port.
  4. Screen mirroring availability.
  5. Shatterproof protection that can minimize risks.
  6. Antimicrobial coating protecting from viruses & germs.
  7. Immersive touch technology of 34 ms latency & 2048 sensing level.
  8. Passive pen, flexible erasing & highlighting on live screen session.

Where Interactive Display can be used.

Applications of Interactive Display is a major trend of today’s virtual learning system. As the education & organizational meeting structure are becoming virtually due to pandemic restriction, people are often finding online platform more easy & accurate way to establish a niche in smooth learning & meeting.
Interactive Whiteboard Display are intrinsic platform that can be highly evaluated & useful in meetings, conferences, public awareness, education & learning, brand awareness etc. considering showcase of better quality images to attract multiple on-going crowd for a complete attention & smooth driving of communication. The important sectors where Interactive display are often used are Corporate sector, Education sector, Outlets, Auditorium, Exhibitions, Govt sector, Real estate, Hotel industries, Quick service restaurants, Retail sector, Railway platform, Airport etc.

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