Engage Your Business With Video Conference

Engage Your Business With Video Conference

There was a time when video conferencing was a high platform that only large corporations could afford. Smaller businesses that lack the resources to deploy complex equipment and hire technical experts used other forms of communication (like audio conferencing).

But video conferencing has now become more accessible and affordable & yes sometime it is freely available as per which meeting is going to get conducted, and this all has become possible with continue development of Voice over IP or VoIP—more on this later. These days, you can literally carry this powerful communication and collaboration tool inside your pocket.

With the help of this advanced technology Video Conferencing platform you can create multiple meetings, as it has become essential part of today’s business transactions. People are highly expecting & demanding to have various meetings to get conduct on virtual mean of communication.

Let’s take a deep dive into the subject of video conferencing and how you can use it to run a business more effectively.

Video Conferencing – Share the ideas virtually & proactively.

Video Conferencing, in general terms, is an online technology that facilitates users or group of people either for official or unofficial purpose to conduct meeting in different locations to hold face-to-face meetings without virtually or physically events.

In Business concept, Video Conferencing plays a crucial & fundamental role by making the meetings successfully, even when an individual is present at the remote location or doing work from home. Simply, one need to login for the virtual platform on which the meeting is to be conduct & sharing the links to group of people who will be joining it. It has a growing market vibrantly, as many Organizations & Individuals find it as a suitable way of making communications happen even better.

What innovative features are we providing?

  1. It facilitates interactive screen sharing.
  2. Availability of multiple webcam capabilities
  3. Facilitates Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  4. Allow participants to have direct Remote Control.
  5. You can have unlimited recording.
  6. Extensive chat features.
  7. Clarity in HD (High Definition).
  8. You can create brand features including in videos.
  9. Dynamic presentation up to wider extent.
  10. Download & save presentation reports.

Factors that can highly determine the significant effect of Video Conferencing Solutions to your Business..

  1. Boost Productivity.
  2. Touch free, precise way of gathering.
  3. Can save lot of time.
  4. Travelling expense can be saved.
  5. Promotes a healthy collaboration
  6. Can be connected through any third party or own applications.
  7. Improve effectiveness.
  8. Facilitates instant sharing of views, ideas & opinions.
  9. Low bandwidth.
  10. High optimization in meeting resources.

Where can be High demanding Video Conferencing utilized?

Video conferencing today are highly determined for value of time saving & making all things possibly happening on virtual platform. It can be used in many ways & at many sectors where often meetings are getting conducted like Schools, Business, Global meetings, seminars, events & exhibitions, product launch, product promotions etc.

Conferences serve as some of the leading exchanges of ideas and information for individual sectors of business. These gatherings can also post to be fruitful opportunities for connecting with others of industry expertise, while strengthening professional relationships and networks. Recently, we have been officially partnered with the most well-known platform such as Zoom & Webex for various video conferencing & web communications. We provide all hardware and software support required for the Video Conferencing.
NTIPL stands for both as a system integrator & service provider for all the IT solutions & services that highly intact suitable pricing, option availability & best uptime support.


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