Reduce electrical load & maintain a standard “Unity” measurement

Reduce electrical load & maintain a standard “Unity” measurement


We know that today we all are facing one of the major concern for livelihood i.e Energy consumption across the world. Current status of energy consumption is increasing enormously at par due to increasing population & utilities. Due to limited energy resources available, it sometime become difficult to maintain the storage of excessive energy, hence we need to make a strategy to analyse & monitor the usage of Power supply.

So in this blog, we all will be knowing about how the Power factor correction service can maintain your power factor of a power supply without disturbing any energy components. Power factor is a method of modifying the shape of a current in order to maximize the power supply of an Alternating current.


What term defines Power Factor Correction?

The power factor correction is a technique of modifying the power factor of a power supply. It is a method that shapes the input current in order to maximize the real power from the AC supply.

Ideally the Power Factor has to be “Unity” in terms of reading, however 0.098 is accepted at the standard concept, however if your Power factor is below & above the unity measurement, then those Organization will be deemed to pay the penalty, hence your Power factor always has to be maintained in Unity.



What causes Low Power factor?

  1. Motor used in Industries are of induction type, which has low power factor.
  2. High intensity discharge lamps can cause low power factor.
  3. Transformer system at working sector causes low power factor.
  4. Excessive load on the system can cause low power factor.
  5. Insufficient maintenance of electrical components & units.


Benefits of maintaining a good Power Factor..


  1. Avoid power factor penalties.
  2. Reduction in transformer rating.
  3. Reduction in switchgear rating.
  4. Reduction in system loss & Co2 omission.
  5. Reduce huge capital cost.
  6. Reduction in power demand and load.
  7. Save on electricity bills.
  8. Transmission & equipment’s runs stable & longer.


Which areas/sectors can be highly influenced by Power factor?

Used in every sector where the energy consumption take place. From household to commercial, from School to Corporates, from Industries to Manufacturing etc.

APFC subjected to small to medium scale sector with Low Tension (LT), whereas SVG subjected for Large scale sectors with Low Tension (LT) as well as High Tension (HT).

Network Techlab work professionally by analysing your Electrical component first and thereby implementing power quality analysis, energy assessment for a complete good working of electrical units.

We cater with our services across PAN India centres thereby providing among best uptime support.


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