Don’t compromise with lives & properties, Fire Alarm System is tailored right in your hands

Don’t compromise with lives & properties, Fire Alarm System is tailored right in your hands

Suppose if you sleep or went for some journey or an official visit, locking your premises, properties & kept it idle for someday, there are high chances of machine breakout, tool & equipment’s damage or heated, system overload & inefficiency, wire breakage due to mouse chewing etc. Such unidentified factors gives rise to fire breakout & can cause sever damages to properties & may lives too. Why to neglect such things when you can make the system highly identified with Pre – alert fire alarm system? There is a hoping said always“Prevention is better than cure”, so can we implement this statement in saving our properties & lives? Yes we can, if we understand & identify proper information about multi usage of Fire Alarm system in various premises whether it could be Office or home. An early detection can get you out of a situation that would potentially turn into a tragedy. Make sure to also alert your family and friends on the importance of installing fire alarm systems.
I would like to make you more aware about how we can make excessive use & system management of Fire alarm system in this blog today !!

Fire Alarm System – Need for security of every Lives & Assets

In general terms if we can say, Fire Alarm System is designed to alert in an event of emergency to protect all the lives, properties in case of Fire eruption. Fire alarms are found in Offices, Factories, and public buildings, they are a part of our everyday routine but are often overlooked until there is an emergency at which point, they might just save our lives.

The fire alarm system may also incorporate a remote signal system which could then alert the fire brigade via a central station.

Superlative Fire Alarm System Features

  1. Designed for all types of installations.
  2. Interactive digital panel for prompt indication.
  3. Cost effective solution.
  4. Emergency voice indication system for alert.
  5. Quick responsive time for fire cause.
  6. Prompt notification to the receiver.
  7. Ideal to all sectors since fire alarm system is a key factor for fire emergency.
  8. Customization as per Business demands & requirements.

Eminent Benefits of using Fire Alarm System –

  1. It avoids smoke inhalation.
  2. Early detection system.
  3. Safe for human beings.
  4. Facilitates 24/7 monitoring.
  5. Easy & affordable solution.
  6. Prompt service support for technical errors.
  7. High mobility in nature.
  8. Easy installation & maintenance.

Types of Fire Alarm System –

  1. Heat Detector – Heat detector trigger an alarm if the temperature exceeds they can work on the rate of change in temperature.
  1. Smoke detector – Smoke detector are smart solution that are fitted & installed to identify smoke early than a human can. They basically indicate & alert before the fire or damage breakout.
  1. Carbon Monoxide detector – Carbon monoxide detectors are known also as CO fire detectors are electronic detectors used to indicate the outbreak of fire by sensing the level of carbon monoxide in the air.
  2. Multi-sensor detector – The Multi-sensor detectors combine inputs from both optical and heat sensors and process them using a standard algorithm built into the detector circuitry.
  1. Manual call point – A Manual Call Point or Break Glass Call Point is a device which enables personnel to raise the alarm by breaking the frangible element on the fascia; this then triggers the alarm.

Know the areas where Fire Alarm system is a must..

Many people do not have fire alarm systems installed in their areas whether Organizations, companies, plants & manufacturing units, schools, hospital etc. Many assume that they are able to smell smoke when they are asleep and wake up in time to escape in case of a fire emergency.

Many people do not take fire alarms seriously, and many do not test or check their alarm systems regularly. Fire alarms are important because they can give you an early signal to something that could be tragic – basically saving your lives & properties.

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