More Power to Your Security Teams with AI-enabled SIEM

More Power to Your Security Teams with AI-enabled SIEM

This is the Internet age came with a lot of benefits for both service providers/manufacturers and consumers but at the same time, it also opened new doors for ill-doers to get their hands on business-critical data and related resources that are the intellectual property of a business or brand.

To keep instances like data breaches and malicious online attacks at bay, a business can seek assistance from certain solutions such as SIEM provided by leading cyber security services companies in Mumbai or in any other city for that matter.

What is it?

Well, SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management. It is a newly formed subsection in the world of Cyber Security.

How does SIEM Works?

SIEM manages security information and security events through real-time analysis of threats generated by both network hardware as well as applications.

As per the opinion of a data analyst associated with a renowned cyber security solution provider Mumbai, a SIEM solution will gather data from –

  • Antivirus events
  • Firewall logs and related events/locations.

After collecting the data, it will sort the same into different categories such as –

  • Malware activity
  • Failed/successful logins and more.

When the SIEM system finds a threat using its real-time network monitoring feature, it will generate a visual and audible alert and at the same time, it will allocate a threat level to the security event.

How Machine Learning and AI Strengthens SIEM integrations?

According to the spokesperson of a prominent cyber security services company in Mumbai, Machine Learning and AI allows a SIEM solution to make the latter’s security analytical features enhanced.

In simple terms, AI and Machine Learning make a SIEM solution to carry out its tasks quickly as AI allows the same to take actions after making situation-appropriate decisions thus keeping human intervention at a minimum.

On top of this, Machine Learning and AI also allows a SIEM solution to predict future data breaches and related Cyber Security events by learning from previous data patterns.

How AI-Enabled Security Operation Centers give more power to your security teams?

AI-enabled SIEM solutions offered by prominent cyber security services in Mumbai frees up your IT security team so that they can use their spare time to facilitate the core processes of your business instead of constantly monitoring network and related security threats generated by the SIEM solution.

On top of this, AI-enabled SIEM solutions also help in the standardization of workflow within the network of your business infrastructure thus ensuring you have free resources to spare that can help you to take your venture forward with innovative thinking and out-of-the-box product/service development.

Benefits of aiSIEM over a Tradition SIEM Setting

The benefits of aiSIEM are as follows –

  • aiSIEM is capable of identifying unknown events and categorise them in similar slots by ascertaining the similarities in-between them.
  • It is one of the easiest ways to reduce human intervention especially when it comes to maintaining the security of your business network and its IT infrastructure.
  • aiSIEM acts as a digital employee that you own, who can singlehandedly optimize the IT infrastructure and maintain the IT security of your venture with ease!
  • aiSIEM also speeds up the investigation of security alerts generated by the SIEM solution thus ensuring not a single second is lost chasing unfruitful leads.


At Network Techlab, our Security Operations Center (SOC) Team observed that enterprises are struggling daily with an overburden of security data and don’t have enough human resources to manage this.

AtmosSecure SOC Service provided by Network Techlab combines substantial AI and ML-driven SIEM technology with our experienced team of SOC analysts to deliver the most relevant and actionable alerts on a real-time basis. Being into  Cybersecurity domain for quite a long years, we know the problems faced by our customers. One size doesn’t fit all hence, we provide customized AtmosSecure SOC Plans to suit your needs. For more details, feel free to get in touch with Network Techlab by sending an email at or by giving them a call at +91-8879004536

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