Looking for Fire Safety? Know about Fire Sprinklers and Smoke Detectors.

Looking for Fire Safety? Know about Fire Sprinklers and Smoke Detectors.

Various Sectors in the Organization demands varied operation cycles, work patterns, culture, etc. and thus companies adapt themselves based on these criteria. Organization host various departments and location in the premises where a number of people come together to perform office activities. Due to exposure of the working environment on a frequent basis, hence there is a possibility of unwanted situations and risks factors occur. Therefore, every organization has the responsibility to keep administration facilities on a subsequent basis. Fire Sprinkler and Smoke Detector are extensively necessary due to various important factors like – major loss of assets and lives can be saved, prevents excessive usage of water supply, it has proper methods of installations, primarily suitable for all sectors viz. Commercial, Industrial, Hospital, and Household and majorly it saves data and data storage which can occur due to fire extension. Since it is cost-effective in nature, it optimizes the business working environment systematically.Hence every organization seeks a better and systematic method to maintain the working sector and premises in a precise manner. Let’s get to know more about Fire Sprinkler and Smoke Detectors.

Need the Solutions for Fire Safety? Lets know about what are Fire Sprinklers & Smoke Detectors..

A.What is Fire Sprinkler ?
Fire Sprinkler is an active water sprinkler system, primarily used in various organizations, factories, office premises to avoid risk of an uncertain incident occurs due to fire spread.Its a system consist of a water supply gadgets, attached to the main pipeline inside the organization with providing adequate pressure and flow-rate to a water distribution equally.Fire Sprinklers were more common in the commercial buildings earlier however with the increased fire events happening in the household and residential campus, it’s been now mandatory to avoid a fire incidents in residential buildings.Fire sprinkler systems are extensively used worldwide, where the usage level of this system is more than 90% of the rate.Especially, large commercial complexes, buildings and factories, are protected majorly by fire sprinkler system, consisting 96% fire control by this system alone itself.

B.What is Smoke Detector?
A smoke detector is a device consist of a sensor that catches the smoke detected. A smoke term defines here as fire smoke, electrical smoke, evacuation etc.Generally, its a process of giving signals of smokes to the fire alarm system, so as to alert the people on immediate basis.Commercial smoke detectors issue a signal to a fire alarm control panel as part of a fire alarm system, while household smoke detectors, also known as smoke alarms, generally issue an audible or visual alarm from the detector itself.Fire Smoke Detectors are used in organizations, factories, office premises where most of the such cases are occurred. It’s been also used by House hold and small buildings.
Smoke / fire detector also differ from fire sprinklers in terms of reliability. Studies have now indicated that 14% of smoke alarms have targeted to work properly in case of a fire spread.

Worried about a which type of fire sprinklers & Smoke Detector best fit for your premises? Please check the below link for reference.

* Here are few types of Fire Sprinklers.

A. Pre-Action Sprinkler – Pre-action systems are used in places where accidental activation of the fire sprinklers should be avoided eg. Auditoriums, Museums or Data Centers.

B. Wet Pipe Sprinkler – In this system, water is provided to the pipes via the sprinklers by an automatic water supply.

C. Dry Pipe Sprinkler – These are the 2nd most popular fire sprinklers. They are usually installed in garages, parking premises etc. In this kind of sprinkler system, the water in the piping is replaced by air at a pressure below the water supply pressure.

D. Deluge Sprinkler – In this type of system all the sprinklers connected to the water piping are open in order to provide a simultaneous jet of water over the entire objects in case of fire occurred.

E. Foam Water Sprinkler – This is a type of fire sprinklers which oozes discharge of water and foam concentration. They are generally used in case of high challenges of fire.

G. Water Spray System – It is same as deluge sprinklers, but unlike they are designed to guard a uniquely configured hazard. E.g. Electric transformers are usually protected by this system.

H. Water Mist System – This kind of system is typically used in conditions where water may damage things or in case of minimal water supplies.

* Here are few types of Smoke Detectors.

a. Photoelectric Smoke Detector – In this system, a light beam from a LED is projected across the interior of a black chamber that might contain smoke to be detected.

b. Ionization Smoke Detector – A little amount of radioactive material ionizes the air within a chamber that is open to the ambient air. It is mainly used in large commercial sectors.

c. Project Beam Smoke Detector – This system has a light emission and consist of a projected beam transmitter & lens, light receiver and light reflector. The transmitter emits a beam of light that is received by a receiver in the usual conditions.

d. Aspirating Smoke Detector – An aspirating smoke detector is an extremely sensitive light sensor, that works by drawing a sample of air that contaminates through a pipe network into a sensing chamber.

e. Video Smoke Detector – Video Smoke Detection (VSD) is based on a computer analysis of video images provided by the standard video (CCTV) cameras.

How do we serves well : In the end, Fire Sprinklers and Smoke Detectors enables physical safety and a smooth functioning of the various premises such as an Office, Factory, Hospital and Commercial Buildings, Hotels and Residential Complex. All these premises are mandatory to maintain and manage with a complete Administration system due to large exposure of working people, where there is possibilities of uncertain loss due to accidents or damages.

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