Is Your Data Centre Infrastructure Well Covered!

Is Your Data Centre Infrastructure Well Covered!

In the current world, almost all the businesses thrive on internet and data. Hence, data backup is the first-step protection that businesses can have to ensure smooth operations. It is also used to secure the business data against damage, theft, software failure and disaster.

Even after using branded servers and firewall devices, there are many failures in the Data Centre faced by the organizations. These failures occur because of poor infrastructure management and certain glitches in the IT infrastructure. For a Data Centre to function smoothly, it is important to conduct Data Centre Audit periodically. We at NTIPL help organizations to upgrade Technology, Power Management, upgrade reliability and scalability of a Data Center by conducting periodic Data Center Audits.

Under Data Center Audit Network Techlab performs the following activities for business continuity:

  • Data Center Audits as per international standards
  • Systematic Data Center Migration & overhauls
  • Data Center Assessment
  • Data Center Design Audit
  • Data Center Build Audit
  • Data Center Live Audit
  • Data Center Power Audit
  • Data Center Cooling Audit
  • Data Center Environmental Audit
  • Data Center Safety Audit

There are certain protocols to be followed while performing the Data Center audits which are as follows:

  • Qualification meeting with the Data Center stakeholders and site visit
  • Carry out a Data Center diagnosis
  • Deliver a detail report after performing the data centre audit
  • Consult the client with proper solution and follow up performance to upgrade Data Center

For many organizations, the availability of high-capacity, scalable and localized computing resource is business-critical. At NTIPL, we understand the criticality of Data Centre in an organization. With 25 years of experience, we help organizations to design, build and operate Data Centers that meet Capacity and Power requirements. Our Data Centre team of experts are specially trained and CDCP certified to assist and consult you with all possible solutions for maintaining business continuity and zero downtime.

If you would like one of our Data Centre specialists to get in touch with you to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

Also, you can reach directly to us on the phone number and email address listed below.
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