Importance of Video Surveillance in Manufacturing Sector

Importance of Video Surveillance in Manufacturing Sector

Businesses associated with the Manufacturing sector often invest in Solutions that can help increase its productivity, its on-site security and minimize accidents. One such digital ‘safety net’ is Video Surveillance.

According to a spokesperson of a revered video surveillance system provider in Mumbai, video surveillance technology has come a long way since the technology was first introduced to the world, way back in 1942.

In this context, it is time to take a closer look into how a business after taking assistance from the provider of the best professional video surveillance systems Mumbai services can benefit from the technology.

Provides Complete Security and Visibility

When the owner of a Manufacturing plant chooses to seek assistance from a video surveillance system provider in India, the former will have access to not only live video feeds to all important areas of the facility but also access to tools like –

  • Video analytics and
  • Facial recognition

The aforementioned tools along with live video streams will allow the owner of a manufacturing plant to ensure that unauthorized entry to the production floor as well as other similar ‘sensitive’ areas are kept at bay.

In simple words, a manufacturing plant equipped with video surveillance solutions offered by a revered solutions provider will allow the former to ensure that its premises are impenetrable for ill-doers.

Ensures Safety of Workers

Being the owner of a business is no mean feat.

Apart from ensuring that your venture remains profitable, you will also have to make sure that you are doing all that you possibly can, in order to ensure that your workforce is provided with a safe working environment. Failure to do so will result in penalties, lawsuits and related unexpected expenditures in the form of medical bills that you would need to bear, if a worker gets injured or gets fatally wounded while working at your manufacturing plant.

How does a Video Surveillance Solution fit into this picture?

Well, Modern Video Surveillance solutions are capable of ensuring that advanced audible warnings are issued when a machine at your manufacturing plant malfunctions or harmful gases are leaked from certain poorly ventilated areas of your production facility. In this way, accidents can be averted and your company will be able to hold on to its image as an employer that cares for its workforce.

Round the Clock Monitoring, Optimized Operations

Video surveillance equipment attached on top of production/assembly lines will also allow you to keep 24/7 tabs on the overall quality of products manufactured by your manufacturing plant. In this way, you will be able to optimize the operations of your production floor as soon as slight inconsistencies arise in the overall quality of the finished products.

How is this helpful?

Well, quality consistency is the key to keeping your business afloat and ahead of its rivals. Fail to do this and you will lose your clients to your rivals who are offering better quality products.

Respecting Workers Right

People working at your place of business have rights too. They have the right to be offered a safe workspace. They have the right to be alerted in case something nasty such as a gas leak or a sudden drop in indoor air quality index is on the way.

Failure to address these rights will land the owner of a manufacturing plant on the wrong side of the law but this worst-case scenario can be averted when you choose to equip your place of business with modern video surveillance solutions.

As mentioned earlier, modern-day video surveillance solutions are not a simple system of cameras and recording medium. Instead, it comes with AI-powered hazard detection features that help business owners ensure that the rights of their workers are being respected at all costs.

How can we help?

Network Techlab is a revered provider of video surveillance solutions. We have been in the business for more than 25 years. We can offer video surveillance solutions that are tailor-made for your manufacturing plant. We also offer solutions like –

  • Video Analytics
  • Access Control
  • Fire alerts and
  • Intrusion alarm systems.


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